10 Best Paid Survey Sites To Make Money

Best Paid Survey Sites
Best Paid Survey Sites

Surely you’ve read a lot about paid surveys online or at least you’ve heard about them. Making money from home in this way is possible but forget about earning large amounts of money.

There are thousands of companies on the Internet that allow it to do so, and the key to maximizing the efforts is choosing where to register. Many online survey companies do not send almost surveys, others only pay with prizes instead of money, and others simply are frauds.

Best Paid Survey Sites

Next, we have selected the 10 best Survey Portals that we consider most profitable today. You will not get rich, but if you register in about 10 portals and complete the surveys they send you, you will earn between € 40 and € 70 per month.

It’s not much since probably to reach that figure you have to complete about 35 surveys (just over one a day); which will mean, an average of 10-15 minutes per survey, about 6 hours of your time.

If we do the calculations, we earn about 10 Euros per hour with this system, the great advantage is that you do not depend on anyone or anything to do them, you can do them whenever you want and where you want and can be combined with any activity. The extra money that can all come to us phenomenally.

Remunerated Surveys:

EncuestasRemuneradas.es is a page where in addition to making money by completing simple surveys you can earn money by testing products such as kitchen utensils, cleaning products, etc.

This platform belongs to the well-known French company CREOnline, which has been operating on the Internet since 2012 and which already has more than 150,000 members.

They usually have about 6 surveys available just register with which you can accumulate your first euros. You can request your payments by PayPal from 10 Euros.

Visite: Remunerated Surveys

Opinion Center:

Opinion center is a survey board to earn money. Its website is quite agile and simple to manage, offering weekly paid surveys for profiles from Spain.

It is important to access the “Opinion Center” website frequently, once we are already registered as a user of the panel, as this is how you can obtain the possibility of doing surveys.

The minimum allowed to request a payment from the Opinion Center is 50 points (2.50 euros). The completed surveys are rewarded with points redeemable for money through PayPal.

Visit: Opinion Center


Toluna is another page to earn money doing surveys. Most surveys last between 15 and 20 minutes. They define themselves as an online community dedicated to making the voice of their users heard.

After completing each survey, you will earn points that you can then redeem for money or a variety of prizes. Of course, all the services offered by this survey website are free.

In addition, you will receive points for participating in many of the activities offered by Toluna.

Visit: Toluna


iSurvey World is a panel of surveys valid for Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Puerto Rico. It belongs to the group Dale Network Inc.

Like the other portals mentioned in the article, and from iSurvey we are rewarded every time we complete a survey. They usually pay between $ 1 and $ 5 for each survey and it usually takes 15 minutes to complete them.

One of the things that draw the attention of iSurveyWorld is the great offer and the $ 5 welcome gift when you register.

Visit: iSurveyWorld


Hiving is an active survey portal since 2009 that rewards you for participating in market research surveys on a wide variety of topics. You will earn Hiving points that you can redeem for money through PayPal.

With this panel, in addition to making money with surveys, you can perform simple tasks or be rewarded for inviting friends to the panel.

Visit: Hiving


SurveyPronto a relatively recent page and probably unknown to many of you. This portal pays as much for doing surveys as for carrying out tasks and is valid for all the countries of the world.

One of the most attractive aspects is that it offers a minimum of only $ 5 per PayPal. The platform has been in operation since 2021.

Visit: SurveyPronto


Prolific is an English platform managed by the company Prolific Academic Ltd. This portal is dedicated to conducting research and market studies. As a user, you can answer surveys and carry out market studies in exchange for remuneration.

A very positive aspect of this platform is that it pays in pounds sterling (GBP) via PayPal and, as you can imagine, the change to euros or dollars is much more profitable.

In addition, on average, most surveys are much better paid than in any other survey panel you know. As the only negative note: all surveys are English but you can use Google Translator to help you.

Visit: Prolific


YourSurveys is an international paid survey website. As a user of YourSurveys, you will receive surveys in your email and you will earn money for each one you complete.

Each time you complete a survey you will receive a reward, depending on the length of the survey.

Visit: YourSurveys


SurveyWork is a relatively recent portal where we will have the possibility to earn money by completing simple surveys and tasks. Unlike other portals, SurveyWork stands out because the minimum to request payment is as low as $ 2 through PayPal.

In addition to the surveys, we can earn money by completing offers, inviting friends, performing tasks and with the many bonuses that are available.