What You Need to Know about 503 Internal Error

Whats is 503 Error
Whats is 503 Error

Have you ever found yourself looking at a message on your computer screen that says, “HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable” while you were browsing the web? Can you recall other errors you may have run into in the past few months? How many different errors have you seen that you can remember?

The web is made up of a number of processes and programs that make the system work in order to allow users to connect to the server. Software and hardware make up these processes and programs, and, unfortunately for us, none of these has been made perfect. It goes without saying that errors are bound to occur. Not understanding where these errors are coming from may cause frustration since this would mean that we have no means of dealing with the error and no hope of fixing it without any help.

Well, help is on the way. Let’s explore the nature of this error, and hopefully find a quick fix, if not a solution, for this very common error.

 503 Internal Error In A Nutshell

 To put it simply, 503 Internal Error is caused by the website server itself, usually caused by such factors as the server being offline or that there is a server overload- meaning it is too busy to process the request, or simply due to a maintenance. The error exists simply to let visitors know that although their request cannot be processed at the moment, the website is still going to be accessible once the error is fixed.

The main thing to remember about the 503 Internal Error is that it is but a temporary error. From the backend, there are a lot of things web developer do to fix the issue, but if you aren’t as technology-savvy, you may rely on a little troubleshooting, at least before calling your web developer for help.

Troubleshooting the Error

The first step in dealing with any type of error is determining what kind of error it is. Now that 503 Internal Error has been explained, and you already have an idea what it is, it’s time for the next step- troubleshooting.

On your end, there are a couple of things that you can try before scratching your head and heading for your phone to call/SMS your web developer, or a technician. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take as soon as you encounter the 503 Internal Error.

Troubleshooting Error
Troubleshooting Error
  1. Refresh the page. Reload the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard, or typing the web address on the address bar again. Do this as many times as you can, with an interval of 5-10 seconds, or wait for a couple of minutes before you try it again.
  2. Consider using a different browser. Should your browser be responsible for causing the issue- i.e., not loading or not relooking up the domain, you can easily figure this out by changing it. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, consider switching to Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera (even Internet Explorer) to test your connection, or see where the problem is originating from.
  3. Disconnect from your Wi-Fi/ Internet connection, then re-connect. Give it a few seconds or minutes, depending on how long you’re willing to wait (but don’t be too long- it won’t make that much of a difference anyway.) Connect back and see if the problem is still there.
  4. Reboot/power cycle your router/modem. Your router/modem is responsible for giving you a connection to the server, so you might as well check if it is doing its job. A usual power cycle means unplugging the device from the power outlet or turning it off completely, and standing by for 5-10 seconds before turning it back on or plugging it back in. And finally,
  5. Wait. The website/s you are visiting might be one of those that attract a huge amount of traffic on any given time, and it just might be your lucky hour. Just like sitting in traffic, there may be nothing better to do than to wait. The servers might be working too hard- leave the site alone for a few minutes. Come back to check anytime, but don’t frustrate yourself too much if you’re feeling like there still are a lot of visitors to the site. It will eventually be available if you put a little bit of patience into it.

Server 503 Error

If none of these steps solve the issue, you’ll naturally be inclined to contact support as soon as you can.

From the Backend

If you are the owner of the website that is experiencing the error, you need to have a more thorough knowledge about where the error is coming from, and what’s causing it.

This error may have been caused by bugs in the PHP code, such as from the WordPress plugins. This may also be due to security issues such as issues with scripts or passwords, or file permission settings.

Troubleshooting may also be required, but it is best to contact your site administrator or your web developer to get the issue resolved.

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In Conclusion

It is fairly easy to lose your calm whenever you’re faced with an error you have no idea how to deal with. In these instances it is really helpful to have sufficient knowledge before you start trying to figure out what’s causing the error, and how to find the best solution before calling out for help. Hopefully this article has helped shed some light, somehow, towards your understanding of one of the most common errors you will ever encounter when browsing the Internet.