Easiest Mobile Website Builder of 2021 – 8b Review

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The internet has become the central part of our daily routine activities. It allows businesses, institutions, and individuals to reach a massive audience in order to attain their marketing goals. It is important to have a website in order to reach your potential customers.

In case you are looking out for creating a stylish website and doesn’t have the time and amount to spend, then consider trying 8b Free Mobile Website Builder. Without any hustle of coding and designing, 8b is a free online website builder that helps you in creating your customized, user-friendly, mobile optimized, and fast websites in minutes.

Why consider 8b Website Builder?

8b Mobile Website Builder is specifically designed for people who lack the programming knowledge that is essential for creating an attractive website. The user-friendly interface of 8b free online website builder does not require any coding site creation. The provision of modern templates along with unlimited hosting and other features such as SEO, site export, SSL, PWA, and Google AMP makes it one of the highly recommended website builders.

Google AMP

Through the provision of google AMP, this website builder can be easily used through mobile. Google AMP allows the user to instantly load web pages on mobile phones. The website domains utilize these AMP pages to enhance user ease. 8b website builder uses the AMP pages that are compatible with the majority of popular websites such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Through visiting the AMP page, this website will respond faster on your mobile phone.

How mobile website builders work?

Majorly, websites are visited through mobile phones nowadays. Therefore, it is important to create a mobile responsive website. In this way, the layout is automatically adjusted to conform to the size of the device (smartphone, desktop, tablet) being used.

For this purpose, you have to use a mobile website builder. The mobile website builder allows you to provide better responsive rate on all sort of devices. In case, you are not good at coding, the easiest solution for you is to consider a mobile website builder. They will utilize the right line of code, tools, and templates that will help you in publishing your content for all sorts of devices.

How to use the 8b mobile website builder?

In order to make your website, all you need to do is choose the template that is available on a variety of niches. Edit and style your website according to your needs. You will have flexible options to customize your website without any hustle of programming and coding. As the 8b mobile website builder handles the major technical part. After that, you can publish your website, connect to the domain, and submit to Google.

Capabilities of an 8b mobile website builder

Through choosing the 8b Mobile Website Builder, you will be able to attain a responsive and visually appealing website on all the gadgets. The visitors will have a great experience through high-quality features. For both Android and iOS devices, 8b mobile website builder ensures the provision of user-friendly and interface. Here are some of the features and capabilities of 8b mobile website builder that will make it your first choice

1. Drag and drop mobile web design:

Through the Drag and Drop option, you will be able to attain a fully mobile optimized website. Through the visual editors, the elements and content can be dragged and dropped to attain the desired template. In this way, mobile visitors will be able to see an appealing and responsive website.

2. Balanced website:

The website that can be developed through the 8b mobile website builder will work through almost all the devices. The website will be easily optimized through search engines and mobile browsers. The templates and content will be adjusted according to the display of the device through the responsiveness.

3. The diverse range of layout:

8b mobile website builder provides a diverse range of layout for the users to choose the right design for the website. The user will be able to attain control over key mobile web features such as social sharing and images. You will be able to create a multi-device experience through considering the themes, templates, and layout options provided by 8b mobile website builder.

4. Mobile traffic management:

The compatibility of mobile is vital to attain a successful user interface. The mobile optimization and traffic management capabilities that are preferred by the professional website developers are now provided through the 8b mobile website builder. Moreover, the online website trends are strongly shifting towards the usage of mobile phones, therefore managing traffic on mobile can help you in creating a sophisticated piece in this evolving era.

5. AMP support:

Through the AMP support, the 8b mobile website builder reduces the time for the content to load on various devices. It provides the advantage of proper optimization. For example, you don’t have to wait for the precise text to load on your cell phone.

6. Variety of templates:

The themes provided by 8b mobile website builder comes in a variety of images, designs, styles, colors, and fonts. You can bring changes to the existing themes and customize them according to your needs. You have a variety of existing themes to choose from.

Some of the existing themes available on the 8b website builders include Agency, Event, Gaming, Medical, Photographer, Real Estate, Sports, Travel, Wedding, Writing, Restaurants, and Business. All of the themes are unique and designed considering the needs of the business. In this way, the website created by 8b website builder is diverse and different.


Above are the listed reasons for considering the 8b mobile website builder. It provides several benefits through the diverse range of templates and AMP-support based website. It is absolutely free and requires no money, programming, and coding. You are in power to design your website that can be optimized for a diverse range of gadgets. It also supports web page traffic management, SEO supported designs, secured domains, and multiple layouts to satisfy the needs of the client along with attaining better Google rating.