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Best Apps For Android to Watch Movies and Download


If you are in the search for the best mobile phone apps to download, watch movies or even plan video games. There are millions of apps available online both for android and iOS but not all are suited to your lifestyle, phone ability and taste.

Maybe you have tried a number of them and they ended up slowing your phone of internet browser. Some will even consume too much of your data while downloading them only to realize later that they were just useless.

In this article I am going to give you a guide on how to select the best app for streaming movies and download. This is especially so if you are an android movie lover and would like to know the free download and watch offline movie apps. Now, let’s dive right in.


This is an excellent app for watching movies and videos online for free. Crackle allows you to watch movies and TV shows on your phone. With this app you can watch full length Hollywood films.

There are thousands of films including popular titles like startup, Joe Dirt, Snatch, super Mansion, Martin Freeman, Kate Bosworth and many more.

The capabilities afforded by crackle in streaming high quality premium movies and shows cannot be rivalled by any other app. And this comes completely free of charge.

All video downloader

Despite the fact that there are lots of apps for watching movies and Tv shows out there, All video downloader is one of the most slick, simple, cool on the eyes and free app. It is super easy to use when downloading movies and films online. What makes it a top app is the fact that you can use it for many types of files.

It can be used to download eBooks, pictures, movies and even music direct to an android phone. After getting your files you have the choice to watch them or read them offline or even watch them at a later date.

In addition, this app works well with the popular video streaming sites such as TED and more than a hundred other streaming sites. This app is recommended for students who may be required to do movie reviews while applying the elements of a move review.

AVD Download video

AVD download video is an android app that is also available free of charge. You can use it to download your favorite movies using a movie from a typical website browser. The download process is simple. One is just required to click the film link that you want to download.

In the menu, click on the video downloader, then your download starts automatically. You can check the notification to view the downloading status. The files so downloaded are kept in the Gallery automatically.

Google Play movies

Google play movies and TV enables the user to view and watch content that is bought or rented through Google play. It allows you to watch popular and favorite videos promptly using an android device. One may also choose to use it on HDTV in Chromecast. This app also allows the user to download movies and Tv shows to watch later even offline.

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