Best Android Apps for Instant Pot Guidelines


I think you already have added Instant pot into your Kitchen. It is one of the greatest investment that you have done for yourself. But now, you are probably searching for Best Android Apps for Instapot Guidelines. If yes, then you have reached the right place. Here, we will provide you list of Best Instant Pot app for all the Instant Pot lovers.

You can use all these apps to make delicious Instant pot recipes. Without further discussion, here is our list of best Instapot apps.

Best Android Apps for Instapot Guidelines

Instant Pot App

It is the official app from the Instapot Community, you can’t get better than this. The app gives you the option to create a free account, by this you can keep your recipes, favorites, and grocery list in sync across multiple devices. To enjoy these services, sign up with your email address, create a username and password and you are set.

The app provides you a collection of 450+ tried and tasted recipes from the online community. Also, there is a favorite recipe which is emphasized frequently and you can search for various other recipes by category.

For all the beginners, the app consists of “New User Tips” article for reference, hence you can refer anytime you want. The article provides essential tips to get started with Instapot along with a quick release.

When you search for recipes, you can favorite the ones you like and put them in quick access later.


CopyMeThat is yet another awesome app for Instapot Lovers. In order to use the app, you need to make an account. Presently, the app is absolutely free and you can download it for free. It also provides an option to sign up with Facebook.

CopyMeThat also consists of Extension for Safari and Chrome browsers. Hence, whenever you are searching your recipe online, you can easily add the blog using the extension.

As soon as you start adding recipes in CopyMeThat, you can find them on multiple devices. Apart from this, you will never lose a recipe, even if the blog doesn’t exist anymore. Organize all the things using tags or traditional search.

Anyone can use CopyMeThat for free, however, it has few limitations. If you find this app wonderful for your Instapot, then premium membership is also available. You can pay $12.50 for a one-year membership and $25 for lifetime premium membership. Premium features allows multiple shopping lists, recipe scaling, etc.


Mealthy is the latest app for Instapot lovers. The app is not only useful for Instapot but for General Kitchen purpose also.

Mealthy sells their own multi-purpose pressure cooker known as “Multipot”, however, you can use any pressure cooker or Instapot for some particular recipes.

If you are a vegetarian, then the app consists of an entire section for vegetarian recipes. The app consists of thousands of recipes for all the recipe lovers. It provides different categories of recipes such as vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes, low-sugar recipes, gluten-free recipes, Paleo recipes, keto recipes, organic recipes, etc.

Using the Recipe box function, you can save the recipes and review them later. Easily share your recipes with friends and followers.

Using Mealthy, you can search apps by diet, meal type, ingredient and more. Also, recipes contain steps by steps instructions along with photos so that you can make error-free recipe.

Paprika Recipe Manager

Paprika Recipe Manager is best even if you are great at using Instapot or not. There are a wide number of recipes available online. Paprika recipe manager pulls all the recipes and keeps them organized way so that you can refer anytime later. Paprika provides built-in browser hence you can search and add directly from the browser.

The paprika app can store more than thousands of recipes online without any issue. All the ingredient lists and directions are organized in an appropriate manner and you can also add ingredients and grocery list if required. Also, it provides an option to plans meals for the whole week or month.

Instant pot Smart Cooker

This is one of the best Instapot apps for all the Instant Pot lovers. It enables you to control and monitor your Instapot using a wireless Bluetooth connection. If you possess Instant Pot Smart, then Instant Pot Smart Cooker and Recipes app is for you. The app provides an entire collection of recipes covering a large variety of food materials, cuisines, and techniques.

Moreover, if you like your own recipes, then the app provides an option to write recipe scripts with the help of 6 given commands. As soon as your recipe script is tested and proven, you will be able to share it with your friends and followers.

We hope that you like our collection of Best Instapot Apps. Lastly, don’t forget to share this collection with your friends and followers.