Best Alternative Keyboards for Android for Typing

More than 30 million people are using Android apps nowadays according to the description sheet available on the Play Store and most of them are looking for keyboards for these Android apps. Below this post is all about a few of the best alternatives for android keyboard typing.  The keyboard has many undeniable advantages as its great customization since thousands of themes are available for free.

The emojis are self-suggested by the virtual keyboard, it will depend in principle on the context and the words used during a conversation. A new drop-down interface designed to easily select emojis is among other part of the game. Also you may visit this website as well if you want to know about the best keyboards for android and want to learn android keyboards 201-19.

Dragging is naturally proposed, while the editor allows you to resize the keyboard size. We imagine that it can easily adapt to large screens such as phablets or tablets of course. Privacy is also the focus of ai.type concerns since the publisher promises that no data collected are communicated and promises that the texts remain encrypted and private. A good thing if of course the word of the publisher is held.

  1. Chrooma Keyboard

The alternative keyboard is at least as minimalist as Google’s with Gboard, resizing the keyboard is possible and the presence of a night mode makes it very convenient to use. However, to be able to use it fully, it will be necessary to go to the cashier since in-app purchases are planned in the program. The GIF, the emojis and the seizure by slip are naturally on the program. Although simple and clean, the editor nevertheless offers the possibility to modify it via customization options that are present in the virtual keyboard.

  1. Fotoable keyboard

It seems particularly popular with its users and has already been downloaded more than 10 million times at least on the Google Play Store. It’s very flashy side will probably suit the younger ones. With this keyboard, you will have access to more than 1000 emojis, which will undoubtedly allow animating all your conversations. You can even create your own theme, for example by taking a picture stored in your smartphone, which is a good initiative that will add a more personal touch to its virtual keyboard.

The application’s editor sets its virtual keyboard as the most fun, customizable and fastest in the world. We have noted this previously since Fleksy broke a world speed record. For now, the application lists more than 5 million downloads worldwide. The virtual keyboard supports GIF, more than 800 emojis and a number of themes. The editor takes the opportunity to emphasize that his solution is the only one to offer such a level of customization, customizable extensions to wish. Obviously, users seem particularly happy with the application.

  1. Gboard, the Google keyboard

There are many users, even on iOS, who swear by the keyboard of Google. Indeed, it already offers a lot of good ideas stitched in the competition; you can enter text by sliding your finger on the keys of the virtual keyboard or voice recognition. Competitors like Samsung, LG, use their own solution. True to its DNA, the research giant offers a sober and refined alternative without embellishment.

Gboard allows you to launch queries directly through the search engine; these are displayed directly in place of the virtual keyboard that is a good idea to do several things at the same time without having to leave what you are doing. The sharing of GIF is particularly in the program and allows doing a search among those who best convey the emotion that you want to transmit to a contact. The emojis are of course also part to decorate the discussions as well.