5 Best Free VPN Apps for Android [*Working*]

Free VPN Apps for Android
Free VPN Apps for Android

Most of people want to use a VPN which is totally free to use. But, It is the toughest challenge because many Free VPNs don’t provide unlimited access. Some Free VPNs are also not safe to use. Here, I have bought 5 best Free VPN Apps for Android which provides unlimited Internet surfing without any charges. So, if you aren’t able to afford a paid VPN, just give a try to these best Free Unlimited VPNs for Android. You will be able to access the blocked content using these VPN Apps for Android.

What is a VPN?

I hope you are all ready familiar with VPNs as you have landed on this page. Well, if you don’t know what is it, let me tell you about it. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It can help you to browse the Internet without being tracked by you. There are some websites and services which are blocked by our Internet Service Provider (ISP). Some of those websites contain famous movie websites like Rainierland and ProjectFreeTV etc.

VPNs are the most popular tool to access Unblocked websites as well as for hiding your identity on the Internet. You can access all the movie sites and torrents with the help of Virtual Private Network. There are more than hundreds of VPNs are available where some of them are free while some are Paid. If you can afford a Paid VPN, that’s a good choice. But, if you want to use a Free VPN then be careful about it. Some Free VPNs are not secure and they can leak your private data.

Top 5 Free VPN Apps for Android

So here, I have found the 5 best Free VPN Apps for Android which provides safe browsing with unlimited surfing. Let’s see them from below.

Turbo VPN

This is the 100% free VPN which provides the fastest Speed. You can browse Unlimited with this Free VPN. This application guarantees the full-privacy of its users. You can view any blocked content from your country using this Free VPN for Android.  But, due to some privacy policy violations, this service is not available in China.

Hola! Free VPN

This is another best Free Unlimited VPN having a good trust among its users. This VPN has many servers of different countries like the United States, the UK, Italy, and Canada. You can connect the servers of different regions to access any blocked website. From now, you can easily browse your favorite content with the help of a Hola VPN.

Psiphon Pro

This is another Free VPN App for Android has millions of satisfied users.  This is the best VPN for personal use on your Android smartphone. This service is also available for Windows PC. Use this VPN to browse your Internet Privately and secure your personal data from being tracked.

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is a Free VPN App for Android but it has some limitations. You can browse the maximum of 500MB data per month using its Free Plan. To remove the limitations, you can upgrade to its premium plan. This application comes with a simple and easy user-interface which can be understood easily by any beginner. As you can see, they offer a very limited monthly bandwidth for free users but you can always try Tunnelbear alternative VPNs to enjoy seamless browsing as well as video streaming.

Droid VPN

Droid VPN secures your internet connection by providing data encryption between your network and the Internet. This VPN app is also free to use with unlimited surfing of the Internet. If you use Droid VPN, No one will be able to identify your IP address and exact location. Droid VPN can be also used on your Windows Computer to bypass the restriction of any services.

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Free VPNs are not good enough in comparison to the paid one. I would highly recommend using a Paid VPN for more security. These were the best Free VPN Apps for Android which secures your Internet traffic. All the VPNs listed above works on both data connection and WiFi hotspots. You can use these Free Proxy VPN to unblock the restricted websites from your school, college, and offices.