Best Music Player Apps for Android Mobiles


Our Android Smartphones and tablets can today contain thousands and thousands of music files. This is the strength of Google’s mobile ecosystem compared to Apple. The Google Play Store is full of apps to play all that content, but not all music players are equal. Here is our selection of the best music player apps for Android!

The best music players on Android: they play music but not only…

Music players are still useful today despite the presence of more and more impressive streaming services. Those who want to listen to MP3s or FLACs on their Smartphones need a good player. Typically, you’ll find a pre-installed one on your phone, but you can choose another from the many apps on the Play Store.

We tested a few and came to the conclusion that Phonograph is the best audio player for Android, even premium apk version of Spotify couldn’t match some of its free features. Its design is beautiful, its management of playlists is excellent, and it offers as much a music library to organize the songs as navigation between the folders. So you have the freedom to choose which music files you want to organize.

Phonograph: The Best Player on Android

From time to time, I see on Reddit that the best music player is Phonograph, so I decided to test it. It did not take me more than 5 minutes to understand why people like this app so much.

Phonograph has everything one can expect from a music player. It is fast, easy to use and very intuitive. Best of all, it’s free. What I appreciate most is that it does not organize your music for you. Many applications use a library and sort the songs according to different settings. Many users prefer sorting by folders. This is possible with the Phonograph: you can decide everything from the library or the folder overview.

I come from Foobar2000, on Windows, so I like to have control over my playlists. I have it with Phonograph: I can empty the playlists, change the order of the songs.

For each song, several options are available to me: enter the library, delete data, edit tags. The phonograph is more than a music player; it’s a music application that allows you to manage everything which is related to the music. For example, you can set a song as a ringtone directly from the app.

In the settings, you can also configure Phonograph to use a power saving mode if you have an AMOLED type screen. The app theme darkens in all areas that are not essential. The appearance is pretty cool anyway.

As explained above, the Phonograph is a free application. In-app purchases are used to finance the developer, so do not expect to be able to access new features.

To conclude, I would say that it is not only the Phonograph that manages to put us in full view. It is rather the overview: the developer has fun coding the application, and it is found on the result. The reader stands out as an excellent tool for music and is very pleasant to use.

– Version of the app: 0.13.5
– Size of the app: 3.92 MB
– Compatibility of the app: Android 4.1 or higher
– Economic model: free with purchases in the application.

Musicolet Music player: Minimalist, Fast and With a Few More

If you want to record your music directly in the Smartphone or on a microSD card, then you will appreciate the Musicolet application. Visually, this player is not the most successful, but the interest of an audio player is above all in the sound.

You can have up to 20 waiting lists at the same time, and the app can give you offline lyrics. The navigation is comfortable, the application is intuitive, but it must nevertheless be emphasized that the possibility of using any song as a ringtone. In the settings of the application, you will also find a dark mode and the ability to activate a widget.

In other words, a free, ad-free application for those who like to listen music locally.

Other Popular Alternatives to Music Players

Other popular alternatives offer additional features that you will not find on Phonograph. You will find below some other options that may interest you.

Shuttle: Sophisticated Design and Karaoke Mode

Shuttle provides access to the file view only if you purchase the option. In the free version, there is just the library. The design is attractive; the entire screen is displayed with the colors of the song. Karaoke fans will appreciate being able to display lyrics to sing while listening to music.

VLC: audio and video

VLC not only reads audio files, but it also plays video. VLC uses a library but still allows you to access the file system. The use is not very practical and not as intuitive as on Phonograph.

BlackPlayer: a Possible Number 1

This application has almost as much fun as Phonograph. The screen entirely takes the colors of the album, and you can easily find the lyrics of the song add them in the app. The library is successful, and the interaction at the playlists level is almost as easy as with Phonograph. Direct access to the file system is unfortunately missing, which prevents it from waiting for the victory.

Poweramp: Thank You for Starting Again!

Poweramp is one of the most used music players with over 50 million downloads. Among its strengths, we must mention the fast forward and backward, the graphic equalizer with 10 bands and the reading of many formats (mp3, mp4, Ogg, WMA, FLAC, Wav, Biene, WV, tta, mpc, aiff).

And you, what music player do you use?