What is a Best CMF for Leaf Blower


What should i look for when Buying a Leaf Blower

If you own a house with a beautiful lawn. Well, it definitely increases the beauty of your home but it may be hard to manage a lawn as well. Lawns need a lot of management. Presence of leaves, debris etcetera may cause a big mess in your lawn. Making it look unpleasant and unhealthy.

Well, it wasn’t an easy task in the past to remove all this stuff out from your lawn when you actually didn’t have some good stuff for cleaning it. But thanks to technology, which have introduced us to leaf blower reviews.

A leaf blower is a machine which cleans up the leaves including the debris in your lawn making it all clean in just an easy and less time-consuming technique. Well before buying a leaf blower one should know all the details about it.

Units of leaf blower:

A leaf blower has basically 2 units at which the performance and quality of the blower mainly depend on. Which are CFM and MPH. Well, in these two what is more important unit if you’re wondering is then the answer is CFM.

Cubic feet per minute(CFM):

Before saying which is a good or bad CFM for a leaf blower you should know about the unit CFM. So, CFM is the volume of air that is expelled from the blower machine each minute. Whereas the MPH is the measure of the speed at which air blows out from the blower machine in one hour. It can be easily explained with a simple example If you have a leaf blower with a CFM of 150 it will push 150 cubic feet of leaves or any kind of debris from your lawn in one minute.

Therefore, we have an authentic reason to tell that CFM is more important unit than MPH because it measures the force of the air expelling from the machine. So, if the speed is high but the volume of the air is low it won’t work food at all. Therefore, before buying a leaf blower the most important thing to check is the CMF value.

Types of blowers:

You definitely need to know how many kinds of leaf blowers are out there and what are they for. Well there are 3 types

  • Handheld leaf blower.
  • Backpack leaf blower.
  • Walk behind leaf blower.

The main reason to let you aware of the types of the leaf blower is that the CMF of the leaf blower varies on the kind of the blower you’re about to buy. So, yes there is different CMF for different blowers.

Good CMF leaf blower:

So, after all, this what is a good CMF? This totally depends on how many acres of the area you own and how much debris is there to blow. If you’ve small areas like drive away, decks etcetera. A CMF of 200-400 should be best for you to use.

If you own an area of an acre or more backpack blower with CMF of 500-700 would be sufficient. And If you own a bigger area a leaf blower with CMF of 3,000 will work best. It will blow more debris in lesser time.