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Top 11 Sites to Download Free PC Games


If you are a big fan of video games, but don’t want to pay exorbitant prices to download or buy your favorite games, there are many ways to do it for free on internet. Several sites allow downloading in a direct way.

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In this article we will share with you the best websites for downloading PC games for free. We have listed 10 sites that will help you download games on your PC.


So below we have some of the best sites from where you can get your favorite PC games. And these sites have a huge collection of games you’ll love played on your computer.


This is one of the best sites where you can easily get your favorite games. Site builders used systems such as search, ratings, and recommendations to build a site that will help you find and download the perfect game in less than a minute.

You can download most freeware games directly from their download servers. And there all the games are downloaded digitized using ClamAV, so they are safe, secure and fast.


UTORRENT GAME is a mega search engine to find everything you like (video games, music, movies, …)


This is one of the best sites where you will get free premium games. You have to visit the site regularly and get your favorite PC games like Nirvana Game Download for free.

4- Gamerbolt – The Home of Gaming

Gamerbolt – The Home of Gaming is a great website from where you can discover new games from detailed editorials to reviews and news. Find your favorite titles to play today.

5- Itechwolf

Itechwolf is another good site where you can search games and can directly download the game to your PC for free. Also, you can get free 3D HD games to download and all PlayStation games for your PC.


This is one of the best sites where you can get the best free games on your PC. One of the best sites where you can find the huge collection of the best games you will like to play in your PC and all games are free here.


Full offers various best PC games such as action games, strategy games, logic games, adventure games, sports and racing games and many more that you will have to know after visiting the site. In this site you will find a number of free computer games that can be downloaded for free.


Nearly 8000 games and movies to legally download on the internet for Xbox consoles, Play station, Wii, 3DS … discover the best sellers games and new products at discount prices. The site presents streaming games, to play directly on a remote server.


Formerly Metaboli, the site offers to download a game and key Steam for PC or Mac. The official distributor of MMO games, strategy, adventure, action …


Another site where you can get all your free games to download to your PC. It is a free online games source that provides you with game listings, game downloads and game reviews and many more that you will have to know after visiting the site.

11. GamesMobilePC is a new review site for games. It’s not offering to play games, but you can still find their reviews, walkthrough and how-to guides with technical information about gaming that are worth reading.

Note: copyrighted file download is completely illegal. Only royalty-free games can be legally downloaded. It is important to learn about permissions before any download on the sites presented here.

I hope you enjoy these sites to download free video games for pc, so if you have any questions about this article, ask me freely through the comments below, do not forget to share this article.

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