Putlocker Alternatives | How to Access PutLocker using VPN


Putlocker Alternatives

If you’ve been around the internet world for long enough you’ll surely know about the online streaming service called PutLocker. PutLocker has been around for ages and is genuinely one of the best free streaming services available online today. Sure there are paid services like Netflix and Prime Video available online but the whole point of them is the fact that they are all paid.

Now allowing users to stream copyrighted data for free means that no money goes into the pocket of the movie or TV show makers. And for obvious reasons, that makes them mad. Really mad. So mad that they actually went ahead and got ISPs to block the website from public access. This shut off so many active users from the website with nowhere left to go. Until of course some smart users decided to figure out ways to access the website easily with the use of a VPN.

How to access PutLocker using a VPN service

As we mentioned earlier Putlocker has been blocked by ISPs around the world so as to not allow users to get access to copyrighted content without paying for it. This ban was of course put in keeping in mind the best interests of the rightful owners of the content.

Now we did mention earlier that some smart users figured out a way to still access the website even after the ban was put into place. And that method was by using a VPN service to access the website. And if you follow the steps we’ve mentioned below you too will be able to access PutLocker very easily with the help of a VPN service.

A VPN is essentially a rerouting tool that allows you to connect to the website via a port that makes the website believe that you’re actually accessing the website from another location.

Note that this particular method requires you to be using Google Chrome as your default browser.

  • Head to the Chrome Store and download and install the “Browsec” extension.
  • Once installed turn on the extension and set the location to the one you’d like. We’d recommend choosing a location which doesn’t have too many network restrictions, like the Netherlands.
  • Visit PutLocker and watch your favorite online series, TV shows and movies.

It really is that simple to access PutLocker from your computer while using a VPN but if you find yourself to be too lazy to be replicating all those steps you can check out these

Alternatives for Putlocker


A website we recently came across, Popcornflix comes in with just one motto. To provide free entertainment for all. The website genuinely has it all, from comedies to remedies to spine chilling thrillers. You can head on and find yourself in between hours and hours of great motion pictures. The streaming system is also very neat and simple to use and unlike other websites, it doesn’t redirect you to another website but instead allows you to watch what you want on the website itself, with the help of its inbuilt player.

2. Rainierland

Rainierland is another truly brilliant website that allows users to stream content easily online. The homepage of this website is designed to always make the most trending movies/tv shows come up into your sight. And once you’ve found what you really want to watch you can easily start streaming it without having to go through any sort of adware whatsoever.

3. 123Movies

This website without a shadow of a doubt one of the better-looking streaming websites available on the internet. Running on the same motto as all the other websites we just spoke about, the main reason 123movies goes through so much effort and pain to put up all these movies are so that users have access to all of them for free. Besides the premium UI of the entire website genuinely makes on feel like one is using a paid service instead of a free one.

We would go through more examples but instead, we have picked out some of the best alternatives and listed them down here, you can easily find more alternatives to Putlocker here.


Putlocker was one of the best free online streaming service available on the internet back in the day, but ever since most ISPs decided to ban the website, users have started to forget about the website and find new alternatives to the original one. In this article, we have not only covered all of the best alternatives to PutLocker but also how one can access PutLocker in 2021!  We hope this article helped you out in finding what you need.