7 Best Twitter Analytics Tools You Should Use For You Business

best twitter Analytics Tools

If your Twitter strategy is key to communicating with your customers, should not you get the most out of it? We give you best 11 tools that will help you to improve the performance of your tweets.

Twitter is one of the simplest social networks to use. Interacting with our audience is so simple that any user can do it in a very short time.

Although the statistics provided by the platform itself are more than interesting, media professionals need to go a step further when managing the accounts of companies or customers. For this we need to use external tools that will help us improve our results.

We have utilities for practically everything we want to do on Twitter. We can measure our productivity, the efficiency of an account, investigate analytics, etc. Let’s see which are the most interesting Twitter analytics tool:

1. Audiense

Audiense, is one of the most powerful tools to manage your Twitter account. Although it is paid, its monthly price is very affordable (from $ 13.95 per month with its basic plan) if we consider the great possibilities it offers.

It allow you to accurately manage a multitude of tasks: publication management, segmentation and filtering of your followers, creation of campaigns, monitoring, reporting, analytics … Try the premium version for 15 days for free and you will stick to it.

2. Crowdriff

Crowdriff is an extension of Google Chrome with which you can have all the information about the Twitter user of your choice. You can see its statistics, its popular hashtags, the links it has shared the most, the profiles it connects with, etc. Its perfect to spy on your competition.

3. Tweetbinder

Tweet Binder is a free tool that analyzes hashtags on Twitter. It is one the most famous tools out there are it has been in the Twitter Analytics business for years. On their website people can enter and create on Twitter report for FREE.

The best thing about Tweet Binder is that it gives up to 2000 tweets per search to any user, that is highest in the market of Twitter analytics. It also have some unique and useful features like economic value of the hashtag that no other tool is providing. Using Tweet Binder you can make real time reports and historical reports with no time limitation.

4. Socialbearing

Socialbearing is a tool in which you do not need to register. You only have to put in your search engine the user or hashtag that you want to analyze and it will immediately give you relevant information, from interests, followers, etc.

5. Does follow

Does follow is a tool that allows us to see quickly and completely free if an account follows another account, and vice versa. It’s that simple

6. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter has a free access that allows you to get basic but valuable information. Among other free features, you can graphically see your number of followers, get a forecast on the number of followers in the next 30 days or make comparisons with other profiles.

7. Nuzzel

Nuzzel is a tool that helps us collect the links that have been shared by our friends on Twitter and Facebook. Once you have them, organize them according to your needs, either by relevance (based on the volume of shares by our followers), or by the time of publication. In addition, it does not make us lose time: if the same link is shared by x contacts, that link will only appear once on the Nuzzel homepage.

If our feed in networks is short, Nuzzel will expand the number of links based on the followers of our contacts or based on the shared links at a general level. We can use it both on our mobile and in a desktop version from our computer. A discovery that will help you share the best content.

Surely you can think of other tools that I have not talked about. I would love for you to share them with all of us in comments.