7 Blogging Tips to Become A Successful Blogger


Are you inspired by those top tier bloggers always sharing superb quality content in every nook and corner of internet real estate? Does it also make you wonder if a novice blogger like you can ever make it out there?

The answer is yes. How you may be wondering? Well, let’s have a look at these stats from WordPress, according to which well over 409 million people all across the globe engage in viewing more than 23.7 billion pages being published every single month.

Putting into perspective, all this translates into endless opportunities in the blogosphere, but only for those capable of doing things right. So, here I am with ‘7 Blogging Tips to Make You a Better Blogger’.

Don’t Start Blindly, Think About the Potential Ways of Monetizing Your Blog

One of the biggest rookie mistakes in starting your blog would be creating content first in a bid to increase traffic and then thinking about ways to monetize it. Let me tell you, this is a recipe of disaster when you just start a new blog. Why?

Without a few ways of monetizing your blog up your sleeve right before the beginning (which you can apply on a trial and error basis), your chances of discovering some online are very grim.

So, make sure you begin with analyzing your competitors, digging out their secrets of monetizing their blogs, how they succeed in convincing their readers to buy stuff from them and get ready to apply those methods on your blog.

Reinventing the wheel doesn’t always solve your problem. Invest your time in careful scrutiny of the best of your competitors and you’ll almost always be able to pick handful of tips and tricks of monetizing your blog.

The World Won’t Find You Until You Glow – Stand Out

The truth is that there are about a gazillion blogs out there and equally true is the fact that about 99% of them can be considered nothing more than junk. The competition in this arena is way too steep to overcome by mere mediocrity.

Offering the same advice being offered by everyone else will never lead you to success in convincing your readers to follow your advice and buy what you recommend.

Follow top bloggers and you’ll come to realize that they have been able to raise their million-dollar blog empires by focusing on one single thing: not doing what everyone else around them is doing – standing out from the crowd and turning into a beacon.

For example:

  • If everyone is busy producing run-of-the-mill blogs in your niche, come up with detailed in-depth posts to stand out.
  • If everyone else around you is busy producing blog posts, resort to podcasts or videos to stand out.
  • If everyone around you is running after AdSense, try email marketing to monetize your blog and you’ll surely stand out.

Dig Deep – Focus on In-depth Articles  

You are pretty familiar with Google, right? But were you aware that Google prefers 2000+ words posts. You can no longer expect any blogging success by posting those 500 words articles.

For quality writing use a service like this:

You see, Google also has to be the best and offer the best to countless searchers striving for quality info by leading them to sites publishing in-depth articles.

So, producing 2 in-depth articles a month instead of turning out with 10 short articles will serve you better in the longer run.

Strive for Authority

Just like in the real world, people don’t feel very comfortable buying from total strangers. They prefer going for those who they trust or already have some sort of connection with. In short, you’d need a lot of trust and authority if you want to enjoy success in blogging.

So, here are just a few quick blogging tips to get you started with your authority building drill:

  • Avoid recommending products and services if you have never used them personally. This will damage your trust with your audience.
  • Approach industry experts and seek their testimonials. You’ll be surprised to find out how helpful most of them will turn out to be. A few nice words from them about your content or site will do wonders for you in the long run.
  • Similarly, writing for top blogs in your industry will establish your skills and contacts. Once you have done that, find a place to showcase your portfolio on your blog’s homepage and earn people’s trust and confidence in buying from you.

Strive Harder for Connecting Influencers in Your Industry

A few benefits of establishing connections with industry top bloggers and influencers include:

  • Leveraging their blog traffic to your purpose
  • The probability of increasing your sales
  • Honing your own knowledge, skills, and reputation

All such factors will contribute collectively to establishing you as a highly successful blogger really quickly.

So, never lose a chance to reach out industry influencers and your audience will start reaching out to you soon enough.

Zoom In on a Single Traffic Source Initially

To be honest, the number of potential sources of driving in relevant traffic to your blog can make you crazy when you startup. Right from conventional email list and guest posting to social media, blog commenting, content marketing and email outreach, the list never seem to end.

With so many potential avenues of traffic at their disposal, beginners often get confused and end up diverting their time and efforts on all these sources simultaneously in a bid to get higher traffic.

However, this can play more against them rather than for them by leading them to a quick burnout, because diverting time and efforts on different sources fails to capitalize any of them to the full extent.

So, focusing your time and attention on a single source of traffic is the way to go. Whether you choose social media, SEO or content marketing, zoom in your time and efforts on that particular source. Eventually, you’ll become so good at it that you will start seeing better results.

Monetize Your Blog from the Word Go

One of the biggest mistakes in monetizing your blog is to wait for the right moment to do so. No, you need to focus on your monetizing endeavors right from the inception of your blog.

Though this may slightly vary from niche to niche, striving to monetize your blog right from the first day serves the best in almost all cases, helping you zoom in on your target audience.

The earlier you’re able to locate the pulse of your target audience, the better you’ll be able to customize audience-specific content marketing strategy, one that penetrates right through them to your underlying objective.


You are never too far from becoming another success story of the blogosphere if you are passionate about it and follow the right lead.

So, best of luck for all your future blogging endeavors to make it to the top. And if you’ve already started climbing up the ladders of success, don’t forget to share your success mantra with us in the comment section.