Boost Your Content Marketing Success Through Useful Points

Content Marketing Success
Content Marketing Success

Creating great content is just the first step towards successful content marketing. The next step is actually distributing the content in a way so that it reaches your target audience. Also, the only way that you can know for sure if your content had the desired effect is to measure that effort. So, if you end up seeing the results you expected or desired, then the steps you took yielded success. Below we will discuss how to track your success which should then help to fine tune your efforts.

Understand Your Target Audience

The first step once you’ve created great content is to know who your readers are? What channels are they using to consume to your content? And how often do they return? Having these metrics in mind will help you measure success as time goes on which contributes towards the creation of better, more targeted content. Google Analytics is a free and great tool for analyzing behavior and demographics but don’t stop here. Analyzing your targeted audience is very important. For example ONE400 Legal Tech Innovations is a digital agency that helps law firms innovate with marketing.

The Number of Pageviews

This metric mainly just shows how many people visited or viewed your page. Each time a page is refreshed or loaded it constitutes a single view. While it does not give you a lot of information, it does, in fact, give you a very good idea as to how popular your content is with the target audience. For instance, a page generating 300 pageviews can be assumed to be more successful than a page generating 200 pageviews a month.

Unique Visits

Unique Visitors is mainly the number of new people who are visiting your website. The metric will record every new IP address that visits. So, a repeat visit from the same computer will not count. The reason why this metric is important is that it tells you exactly how popular your content is becoming by reaching a broader audience. More unique visits equal growing popularity.

Knowing Your Demographics

Google Analytics does give you a lot of insight into who your target audience is, i.e. genders, ages, and overall interests. It is essential to record and watch these stats so that you know who it is most popular with and then work on targeting that segment of the demographic. For instance, if men over 30, who are business owners in Ohio make up 56% of your readers, it would be a good idea to write content that’s specifically geared towards these people.

Geographic Popularity

Knowing who is reading, liking and sharing your content is essential but where are most of them located? Knowing where most of them are coming from will help you monetize your content accordingly. It will also help with any future marketing strategies.

Average Time Spent on Your Page / Bounce Rate

This metric mainly outlines the sort of engagement your content is attracting. For instance, if you’ve posted a 1500-word blog post about the effects of negative SEO, and the average time spent on this page is just 10 seconds, it is safe to assume that the content wasn’t as successful as you’d hoped. So, the longer they spend on the page, the more you’re engaging them. If the bounce rate is high, it means that you need to figure out a way to write more interesting content.

Keyword Tracking

What keywords are the most popular? Knowing how people are reaching your pages via search engines is essential. So, you need to track the progress of the keywords you’re targeting overtime to gauge success. Keyword rank tracker tools can help you easily keep track of how well you’re doing. So, the higher the graph goes, the better you’re doing.

Bonus Tip: One of the ways of writing high quality and engaging content is to use the Skyscraper Technique. Find out which bits of content are popular within your niche, then improve upon it. Then market that content to people who have read and liked the original content. This technique also helps you improve search engine rankings since Google will always rank better and updated content. You can use a service like appsumo.com to find the most popular content. Plus, you can leverage the power of social media to generate traffic for it.