Bumper Ball – A Game With Party Experience And Fun

There are many types of outdoor activities that are loved by many sports fans. The bumper ball is one of the outdoor activities. It is a relaxed leisure class. There are many people who know bumper balls from running men.

This fun and laughter sport quickly became popular in foreign countries. When you bump into football, you can definitely vent yourself and knock down all your opponents. You don’t have to worry about fouls being punished for leaving the court. It’s a novelty sport that stimulates you to play in.

There is no limit to the venue. You can choose any feasible and favorite venue (such as a university stadium, clubhouse, private venue, indoor football stadium, etc.) , confiding with friends and friends.

What are the materials, gameplay, and precautions of bumper balls?


Outdoor activities bumper ball material and specifications

The bumper ball, also called bumper music, is a new eco-friendly material called tpu, which is called thermoplastic polyurethane. Has high strength, transparency, durability, abrasion resistance and is safe and non-toxic, without any odor.

The specifications of the bumper ball can be divided into children’s type and adult type, and the size is 1.2 meters (14 pounds), 1.5 meters (20 pounds), 1.8 meters (24 pounds), the thickness is 0.5 millimeters, impact resistance

How to play Bumper ball game

The first thing to recommend is an event for all ages. Children on the event are provided with balls of various sizes and divide team according to groupage.

Before the start of the competition, the team members wear a gas-filled bumper ball to enter the competition venue. After the start of the competition, the team conducts collisions, collisions, and crowding with each other according to the coach’s one-to-one area. The winner is the player who pushes, launches the opponent to the competition venue or hits the ground.

PVC transparent bumper ball is an exciting game project that can be played not only by two people but also by one person. Put on a bumper ball, and then two people collide with each other and then bounce off each other. Intensive collisions will not be hurt is the biggest selling point of this game.

Outdoor games bumper ball game

Although the bumper ball is similar in gameplay, the mode is different and nature is different. Choose a spacious venue, preferably a lawn for recreational activities, at least two or more. One-on-one competitions can also be teamwork attacks, parent-child interactions, etc. Each group is zoned by the group. The player catches his own bumper ball and crashes and crashes and leaves the opponent to leave the competition area. It is a failure. The time is 10 minutes, etc.

Precautions for bumper balls at outdoor events

  1. The site of choice, preferably without sharp objects, choose soft grass or carpet the ground.
  2. To participate in outdoor activities, the body is best not to carry irregular items and metal jewelry
  3. Before the event, the business must conduct routine inspections, and the strap handles are firm

4 products can not be used upside down, follow the instructions

  1. Infirm people do not recommend participating
  2. Buy best bumper ball with suitable material and quality item.


Bumper ball is an interesting outdoor game nowadays and many resorts started this game to attract people more.

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