Your Business and Cyber Security | Keep Yourself Safe


In the recent past, cybersecurity has grown significantly and explicitly targeting business and individuals. Regardless of the business size, the looming threat of cyber attack is real. Due to the advancement in technology, attackers have devised more sophisticated ways of targeting businesses.

For instance, they can use a malicious email to gain access to an entire system. As the frequency of the attacks is increasing, it is necessary to protect your business. Below are some measures you should take to strengthen cybersecurity in your business.

Data Encryption

Any information involved in the business is important and should be encrypted. Most practical frameworks feature encryptions tools that will enable you to protect the majority of data from unauthorized access. Additionally, for increased security, the system should naturally log out after certain minutes of inactivity.

Strong Passwords

Hackers take advantage of weak passwords to access the system. Therefore, you should train your employees about the precautions of data security. A strong password should contain lower- and upper-case letters, numbers and symbols. Also, you can include two-factor authentication technique when logging into the system. According to Microsoft, passwords should not contain individual information such as birth dates or numbers and characters that follow each other on the keyboard.

Use the Best Antivirus

A virus is a malicious program that replicates itself to break the immunity level of the system. It is one of the biggest threats in the information technology. It is advisable to install the best antivirus in your system to regularly scan folders and files. Additionally, you should ensure the software is updated to the latest version.

Back Up Data

You should back up business data to recover in the case of an attack and information is compromised. Some of the important data can include financial records, customers and employee information, etc. Fortunately, nowadays, there are several cost-effective ways of backing up data. Also, for maximum protection, it is prudent to use multiple backup techniques. An efficient backup system should include a sufficient storage capability and regular updates of information.


A firewall works like a perimeter wall you use to protect your house. It is a software program that monitors entry into a system connected to a network such as LAN or internet. Installing powerful firewalls will help top filter the traffic and lower the risk of malicious attacks.

Updating The Operating System

The first goal of operating system companies such as Google and Microsoft is to build high-level security systems that secure user information. Moreover, they regularly update the systems to increase the level of security from the preceding versions. Ensuring your operating system is appropriately fixed and updated is a critical step in securing your business.

Intrusion Detection Tool

An intrusion detection system will immediately notify you when there are malicious activities on the network. It works by monitoring the system by conducting an analysis of patterns and examining vulnerabilities. The detection system should be updated regularly to pinpoint malicious behavior in new signature files.

Restricted Access

It is not prudent to expose your business information to everyone. Sensitive data should only be accessed to certain people to reduce vulnerabilities. Also, you should restrict access into the