Which One is Better, Buy Established Website or Build New?

Establish Website

If You want to create your online business Kingdom, there are some questions in mind. One of the most asked questions is which one is better between buy an established website or creating a website from scratch?

It’s quite a tricky question as we know there are a lot of websites for sale on the internet while there are a lot of programmer with very good talent all over the world that ready to be hired.

There’s another option of building a website by using a ready-made template such as WordPress templates, Joomla templates, opencart templates and another ready-made template. Here are some of the tips of choosing which option is better for you.

1. Define the Price

You have to define your startup capital. If you have enough capital, buying an established websites for sale maybe is a good option.

But if you have just moderate capital, it’s better to start your website. to minimize the cost, you can even use any ready-made templates.

2. Consider your Time

Starting a website yourself maybe is not expensive, but it must be time-consuming. Starting a website is about building something new. It’s like building a business.

You should be patient to watch the result. So if you don’t have enough time to start the website and spending lot of time building it, maybe you can consider buying an established website or semi-established website that need less time to be managed.

3. Consider your Goal

There’s a lot of ways to make money online. You can sell your own product, you can write any articles and makes money from advertising and you can also sell other people’s product.

The product itself can be a digital product or a physical product. You should consider in what field you want to take a part in internet business. If You want to create your new product, I guess there’s no other option than building your own website.

But It will be a different story if you want to be successful with article writing. It’s much easier to buy an established blog with a lot of pages indexed in Google than you have to create a new blog and creating a lot of articles.

4. Consider your Skill

You have to consider what skill do you have. If you have a very good skill in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), building a new website from scratch and market it is not a very heavy job.

But if You have minimal SEO skill that will be a headache. Meanwhile, you have to take a look at your content writing skill. If You have the skill, maybe start writing a blog is a good option.

You can start your blog and grow together with time passed. But if You don’t have any expertise to write, buying an established blog is a good option.

Hope this article can help you decide how you want to start your online business. It’s all good option to buy an established website or starting from zero. All have their own characteristics that you should know.