4 Platforms To Use For Better Value of Call Tracking


Call tracking is an integral ingredient of any pay per call ad campaign as it gives you all insights about the campaign. And based on this you take the required action and decision.

But sometimes, we have found that despite of using a pay per call tracking software, still there is stuff which is not getting out. And this is major because the operators are not aware of the features.

So, in this post, we are going to talk about the top 5 platforms you should integrate for better value of call tracking. You may use these along with the call tracking software you are using.

Web Analytics

We analytics is fairly simple and provides you the insights about the calls and systems. You can use the web analytics in the same way as you use for any website and can get the reports about the visitors, average duration, lead conversion, landing page conversion, and much more. With this, you can easily find the details like Paid, Organic, Direct, Referral, and Display and other call driving factors effectively.

For web analytics, you can use the fairly simple and popular tools like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. These two are currently leading the market when it comes to web analytics.


A CRM is a backbone for any business which provides the details about the customer, sales, and orders. The CRM also capture the leads from the website and help to evaluate whether it is a qualified or waste leads. Waste means sometimes people simply fill the details without any need or people fill it with incorrect information.

You should use your call tracking software with all the CRM you are using. Here also you should note that the software you are using should have the integration to the CRM you are using for the direct connection.

Ad Platforms

If you are using any bid management platform then you should also integrate it with the call tracking platform so that you can get the analytics through a single platform. Usually, the companies make some live bidding with the RTB platform and so, it is necessary to manage and track all. The call tracking software provides the integration with the major bid management platforms like DoubleClick, AdWords, Kenshoo, Acquisio, Match craft and Marin.

Tag Management

Tag manager basically makes accessing the data from a website faster and so you should use it as well for better and faster performance. Usually, the call tracking platforms allow the direct integration with the leading tag managers like Google Tag Manager.


These were some of the platforms which you should use in order for better call analytics. Along with these four leading, if you are using any additional tools like a cloud or any SaaS product, you should also integrate those with your existing call tracking software so that all your data is on the same platform.

Do try to use these if you are using inbound calls for your business and let us know if we have missed any other tools here as a part of the integration.