A Free Tool That Tells You If & When Your Email Was Opened

Notifications have become a significant part of our modern lifestyle, haven’t they? They do the job of keeping us up-to-date with information, news, trends, etc.  We are consumed with notifications throughout the day. Varying from Skype, Slack, Emails to Social Media, YouTube and last but not least the Personal Apps. But above all, as far […]

Effect of Excessive Use Of Computer on Body Posture

Most of us are well aware that excessive computer work mostly results in neck, back, and shoulder pain, as well as overuse injuries of the wrists & hands. Repetitive movements, prolonged immobility, and reduced circulation are all to blame. With proper arrangements, good attention to posture, and working habits, it is possible to say goodbye […]


What is Tor and Should You Use It?

Internet users have been always looking to ways to protect their online data since ages. Web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and more have provided their users of a private browsing mode where users can access the internet without the browsers saving any of their online viewing history. However, this feature doesn’t […]


8 Top Web Development Frameworks for Your Business

Every business online wants to upgrade according to the latest technology trends. The basic online presence does not cut it anymore and people are looking for new ways to stand out from the rest of the market. The Web is forever evolving and expanding and that complicates the process of creating feature-rich apps. In this […]


How to Select Gaming Keyboard for Small Hands

Gaming Keyboard is different from a normal keyboard, you cannot play all day on normal keyboard because it will not give comfort and durability. There are many companies are making Gaming Keyboard especially for playing games on PC so if you are thinking of buying a Gaming Keyboard then you should consider few things which […]

How to Hide Folder in Window 7 and 10

Sometimes you have some personal data on your hard drive and you don’t want to anyone to this, and it’s become necessary for you to hide it. Here I will describe how to hide folder in window 7 and 10 without using any other software, just by using CMD prompt? There are many types of software […]


How to Remove Shortcut Virus From PC/Laptop/USB/Hard Disk

Shortcut virus is the most dangerous virus on the computer which damages the file badly. Are you irritated with shortcut virus which damages your drives and files badly.? You don’t need to worry about this because you can remove shortcut virus permanently from the computer. Now a day the Issue of Shortcut Viruses in Flash Drives […]


7 Methods To Fix BOOTMGR Is Missing Error In Computer

Are you troubling with the problem of BOOTMGR is the Missing notification when you turn on your computer? Do you want to fix this problem by yourself? If you’re interested in fixing BOOTMGR is the problem by yourself then continue this article. BOOTMGR is Missing” error may show up on your computer screen due to many […]

How To Hide Hard Drive In Computer Without Using Software

Sometimes you have some personal data on your hard drive and you don’t want to anyone to this, and it becomes necessary for you to hide it. Do you want to hide hard drive from your computer, so that no one can approach it? Today I’m gonna show you how to hide your drive without […]


How to Find Public and Private IP Address of Computer

It is not very difficult to know about the IP address of the computer. Before we tell you the procedure, let’s have a little introduction to IP address. IP Address of the Computer. An IP address is an interesting product of modern computer technology i.e. designed to allow one computer to communicate with another computer […]


HDD Recovery Through the Use of Hard Disk Recovery Software

If you have lost any valuable files, then you do not need to despair as it is not the end. Hard disk recovery software can do HDD recovery process possible. It is very much possible to recover the data from the hard drive. Interestingly, even the ordinary user can be able to do so. Files […]

What is the Windows 10 Taskbar And How To Use It

Wanna know what the task manager is on your Windows 10 computer? Well, in this guide we are going to cover everything under the sun on what is the task manager in your Windows 10 computer and how you can use it to troubleshoot errors. What is the task manager The task manager was initially […]