Cobra XRS 9345 Radar/Laser Detector Review

Speeding tickets are definitely not fun – especially if you were only going 5mph over the limit in a residential area. Sure – the law is the law, but on a hot summers day, when everyone is at school, and no one is in sight, 5 miles per hour isn’t exactly worth $100.

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Queue the introduction music as we reveal the Cobra XRS 9345 Radar Detector. With plenty of onboard technology, and at just half the price of a speeding ticket, can you really afford to be without one? Following are some important details on this radar detector, including its ability to pick up certain radar bands, and its performance under difficult conditions.

Cobra XRS 9345 14-Band Radar/Laser Detector

  • List Price: $89.99
  • Sale Price: $69.99 On Amazon

Cobra XRS 9345 Radar Detector Specifications & Features

Band Detection 

The Cobra XRS 9345 Radar Detector provides you with 14 band protection, which is on par with a number of expensive, top of the line radar detectors out there on the market according to ourpick.net. The important bands, such as Ka and K come as standard, as does the modern POP / Instant On function.

Even with all of these abilities, the most important inclusion is Ku band support, which makes this radar detector future-proof. Modern speed detecting systems are utilizing Ku band technology, and whilst Europe is now Ku ready, the USA is slowly moving towards it. Hence, you’ll be able to rest assured that you have advanced technology on board with the Cobra XRS 9345 Radar Detector.

Display & Layout 

Traditionally, Cobra’s design team has fallen asleep when given a new task, evidenced by the seemingly “ugly” designs which they have released in the past. It seems that they were woken up for this model, however, as the Cobra XRS 9345 Radar Detector sports a refreshing design, smart interface, and easy to use topside buttons.

Aside from the 360-degree detector on the right-hand side, everything else has been packed inside the machine, making it compact and sleek.

Unique Technology 

There’s nothing worse than a radar detector which harps on and on, long after a signal has been detected. This is especially true in the case of false alarms, or unnecessary/obsolete bands such as X-band.

Thankfully, Cobra solves this with a system called “IntelliMute Pro”, which provides an initial burst of sound when a band is newly detected, and then takes the tone down to a lower level after a few seconds.

Performance & Range 

We didn’t test back side range on this machine, but on the front side (oncoming radars) the device did especially well, picking up a standard Ka-band pulse from 1,400 meters away. This places the Cobra XRS 9345 Radar Detector at the top of the chart when comparing Cobra models.

Our Rating of the Cobra XRS 9345 Radar Detector 

Finally – a decent piece of engineering and development work from Cobra. After thinking long and hard about what to award the Cobra XRS 9345 Radar Detector, we decided on 5 stars for its compact and sleek design, decent performance, and clever technology.