What Makes Cocospy Best app for Mini Spy Camera


Have you ever thought about what happens behind when you leave your kids and go to work? Well, studies have shown that many things happen when you are not around. There are employees who would be moving from room to room searching for what is only known to them, teenagers hiding in the bathroom to do crazy things, spouse brings home someone else that you don’t know and many other things.

This has made it necessary for one to install mini spy cameras in various parts of the house. But even then, the market has been flooded with a variety of mini spy cameras, and choosing one for your home can be hard.

But even then, it is good to remember that the type of spy camera you install doesn’t really matter much, as long as you have the best tracker connected to it. If you have installed a bathroom spy cam, for example, then installing it to the best tracker will make the difference. It will enable you to know what happens in your bathroom when you are not around.

How to choose the best mini spy cam

Consider the size

While all shall be named as mini spy cameras, they will actually have varying sizes. For you to be able to spy effectively, you need a spy cam that is really small, one that you can easily hide behind the door or on the shower handle, and then be concealed. Note that when people go to the shower, they don’t focus so much on the shower handle, and therefore by putting a really small cam on it can help you achieve your goal.

Consider the power source

Spy cameras come in two categories, one that uses electricity and another that uses AC power source. But given that you are spying on someone, connecting wires to the bathroom or the bedroom might actually arouse suspicion. To be safe, you need to use AC powered mini spy cam in your bathroom and other areas. This way, you can be sure to easily hide it and no one will be able to see the cam.

But even though AC powered mini cameras are the best, the truth is the batteries die off very often. This will mean that for the camera to capture every detail in the room, you will need to keep changing the batteries.

Consider your budget

As you buy your mini camera, you should always consider the quality. But at the same time, you don’t have to go for a too expensive camera that will eventually leave you broke. Note that the monitor will be the one to determine the efficiency of the spy camera. And this is why millions of people across the world are trusting cocospy as the best tracking application to connect to a mini cam.

How to connect the mini spy camera to cocospy

Before you connect the mini spy camera to a cocospy, you will first need to have an account. If you don’t have a cocospy account, you will have to sign up for free on the cocospy platform.

cocospy sign up

Install the required software

After signing up for a cocospy account, you will need to install the application on a device on which the spy camera has been connected. In most cases, if you are using a cocospy tracking application, this would be either an Apple or Android device. You will thus be required to install the application on the Apple of Android device for you to be able to monitor.

Cocospy homepage

Plug wireless receiver to the computer

On the computer that you have installed the cocospy application, connect a wireless receiver. The transmission can be via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Start spying

Once you have put all your setup together, you can easily listen and watch what happens in the bathroom or any other room when you are not around. This shall be accessed via the cocospy’s dashboard.


Spying on someone is not entirely bad, but it depends on the reasons why you want to spy. If you are doing so to protect your family or business, then you are justified to install the best mini spy camera and monitor it using cocospy tracking app.

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