Coin Billionaire AR Strategy Game – Innovative Blend of Farm Management & AR

Coin Billionaire AR

Augmented Reality is somewhat of a unicorn creature in the game development business. Thanks to games like Pokemon Go, everyone understands that the potential for the same technology is huge. However, at the same time, development teams continue to struggle as they try to catch the same mythical creature and make the next big AR game.

It is hard to claim that Coin Billionaire AR is the same unicorn, but it definitely is on the right track. The main thing that the company behind the game, RiseAngle, accomplished is to be willing to innovate – no one can argue that this game doesn’t bring something new to the market.

A Strategy Game that provides much more

In its basic setup, Coin Billionaire AR is an advanced strategy hybrid which is placed in an augmented reality environment. The game opens up as a farming management strategy where the players plant and then harvest their coins. The coins, like the entire gameplay plain, is located in the physical world, more precisely a surface where the in-game action takes place.

Soon after, the game changes gears and becomes more than a management game – it starts to include tower defense elements as the players need to defend their coins from incoming dangers. Not long after that, the dangers soon evolve and the challenges increase, but so do the harvest yields of the farms and the coin value. Through this, the basic loop of the game commences and it has a strong pull for not just the fans of action tower defense games, but other genres as well.

Another thing that RiseAngle development team did well was to blend strategic decision and time-based moves. This means that the players will have to act both fast and smart to get over the difficulties that the game throws at them.

Clear Design and Visual Impressiveness

From the visual side, Coin Billionaire AR is a perfect entry for the augmented reality genre especially for those who have limited or no experience of these games. Built using ARKIT, the most popular and biggest AR platform on the market, the game really pulls all the graphic AR stops. It offers crisp and clear graphics, supported by an easily usable fixed (2D) menu.

The game objects are recognizable and well-designed, offering a dynamic player experience without the risk of ending up convoluted or overcrowded (like some other AR games). On the other hand, the clarity and effectiveness of the visual design does not stop the game from having really cool special animations and other visual events that just have to be experienced in AR.

From the perspective of the supported devices, the game is not overly exclusive and it can be enjoyed on a wide range of iPhone models. Currently, Coin Billionaire AR Strategy Game can be played on iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, SE, 8, 8 Plus, X, 9, Xs. The modest hardware requirements are also a testament of the development team’s intent to produce a game that will be playable for the widest possible circle of gaming fans.

The Bottom Line

Coin Billionaire AR is an important game because it dares to risk and innovate in a new gaming market. For the AR game genre to succeed, there should be more development teams who are ready and willing to think outside of the box for their releases.

Because of this, the game might or might not be that AR unicorn everyone is looking for. However, regardless of that, this title does show the full scope of the capabilities that the augmented reality game brings to the table. This means that it is a well-rounded game that will be interesting for a range of different types of gamers.