A Guide to Combining Work and Education

A lot of students consider working part-time, which is an amazing idea. You can help yourself financially, which will make you more independent. You will also become generally more productive due to the double schedule. Besides, you will get some experience and get familiar with the concept of a job. This will be a great advantage when you graduate.

But the difficulty is, you have to combine both work and studies. It’s easy to lose track of one if you’re too focused on another. Hopefully, you will find something to make your life easier within this guide.

Assess Your Time Limits

Think of your current situation at school. Can you allow yourself to spend several hours a day on a part-time job?

If the answer is yes, that’s wonderful and means you’re pretty great at school. But remember that you need to keep your grades good, and it may be difficult.

If the answer is no, consider working a couple of days a week or on weekends. The latter may be quite stressful because not a lot of people enjoy working weekends.

The key here is to determine how much time you need to finish everything study-wise. Then add the time you’ll need to rest and relax, and the remaining time may just be fine for a part-time job. Take some percentage of the day for procrastination, because we all know that homework alone doesn’t take as much time.

Some universities have policies as to the number of hours their students are allowed to work. So, before you take up a job, consult the school staff on the matter. They may also help you determine your perfect time ratio between studies, job, and rest.

Get Professional Help with Your Studies

In case you think it will be too stressful to handle everything but you really want to try, take advantage of professional help. Simply search “do my essay” online and you’ll get a list of great websites like They hire experienced writers to help students with their assignments.

Here’s why it’s a win-win:

  • You’ll get a fresh look at your subject;
  • You’ll see how a great academic paper is done;
  • You’ll have much more free time;
  • Your grades will skyrocket.

Not that you should get a writer for every assignment. But in case you’re stressed out or the task is too boring/too difficult, these writing services are the best.

Make Your Job Study-Connected

In case you need another boost for your studies, find a job that relates to it. Here are some ideas:

  • Ask for a position at your school.
    They may need some paperwork or counseling help, so don’t hesitate to offer your time. Not only you’ll get a paycheck for your work, having a position at school may provide grade-related benefits as well.
  • Consider tutoring.
    Think if you can teach another person topics you know. Train children or your fellow students if you’re very good at a subject. You will help other people and review certain material yourself.
  • Take up writing.
    There are a lot of students who may need help with their academic assignments. Some companies are also ready to hire students for content creating that may just be of your favorite study topic.

In case you don’t want to connect your job with studies, there are plenty of other occupations to consider.

Divide Your Focus

Make sure you only think about studies while in class, focusing on your education. And while you’re at work, try not thinking about anything study-wise. Such a division of focus will help you take a rest from studies when working and vice versa.

Such an approach also divides your schedule into two parts. Some people find it really helpful, and maybe it will work for you as well. Remember that you’re the one who can change your methods once the current ones prove useless.

Cooperate with Your Peers

Teamwork is important both at school and in the workplace. Take advantage of this skill to cooperate with fellow students and help each other balance education and job (or anything else).

Here’s how you can help each other:

  • Exchange notes to have full information about the classes;
  • Have each other’s backs when one of you has to skip a class;
  • Share the news about the upcoming tests with each other, etc.

Not only will this help you stay afloat, but you’ll also improve your teamwork skills. And it’s always an advantage of a candidate for any job.

Don’t Forget About Having Rest

Having quality rest is crucial for your well-being. Some people nail both studies and part-time jobs but for little time. As they reach their resource limit, they just collapse. You don’t want that happening to you, do you?

Take days off when you feel like the stress has accumulated, have enough sleep, eat healthily, and find time to work out. Even if it’s just a walk in a park or taking the stairs, it will still help you a lot.

Combining job and studies is difficult, but it brings a lot of experience and fun along with it. But before you hop on board, make sure you’re prepared and aware!

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