Estimated Cost to Create an Uber Clone


With over 80 million users and operating 77 countries, Uber is one of the most recognizable brand all over the world. You can now hail a private cab with a tap on your smartphone and this has facilitated numerous uber clones that are trying to copy their recipe to success.

Cabs that you hire from Uber are approximately 30-50% cheaper than the traditional taxi while providing quick service. It is no wonder that traditional taxi unions are calling Uber disruptive, however for users and rides like us, Uber has been a boon.

However, what does it take to create an app like Uber? Depending upon the features, country, the architecture that you want and other factors, the cost to create a uber clone varies greatly and as such, no one can determine the exact cost to creating an app like Uber.

Uber Clone

Do note that creating a car rental software like Uber, you will need to actually develop two separate applications: one for the passengers who will book your taxi and the other for drivers who will accept the request for taxi and transport the passenger to their destination.

The number of features that you introduce to your uber clone script is the first factor to the total cost of creating your own taxi app. Having a bare minimum feature might save you money, however this might reduce your customers while having too much features might make you an attractive taxi app, however it will increase the cost of your app development.

For the passenger app, you will need to include basic features such as registering, booking, tracking, estimated price, modes of payment, rating, reviews, booking history and more. For the driver app, you will need to include basic features such as registering, KYC, accepting/rejecting order, navigation, cost estimation, reports, support and more.

The above mentioned features are a guide to the basic features that you will need to have in your uber clone app. You can add more features but do not remove the above mentioned features; they are the backbone to a secure taxi app.

The second factor that determines the cost to creating an uber clone will be on the technological front: your Server, Mapping and Payment modes.

Since, you will be handling thousands of data pertaining to ride requests, driver routes and other data, you will need to own a server. Depending upon your estimated workload, you can determine the strength and quality of your server.

Uber Clone features
Uber Clone features

No taxi app will function without impeccable GPS. You will need to employ backend programmers who are experts in languages such as Node.js, Python, Java or PHP. For Android, you can integrate Google Maps and Google Location Services API while for iOS, you need to integrate MapKit or CoreLocation framework.

For payment, users have two options: cash or in-app payment. For in-app payments, you will need to include various modes such as credit cards, paypal, Paytm or other online payment options.

Depending upon the hourly rate of your coders and the number of options you select on the technological front mentioned above, the cost of creating an Uber clone varies from anywhere between 30,000 USD to 65,000 USD.

So to start an Uber clone, you will need approximately 30-65 thousand US dollars, or you can avail service from Smart Car Tech. According to smart-car.tech, you can save thousands of your hard earned dollars by buying their readymade car rental software.

Their uber clone script saves you all the hassle of creating a car rental software from scratch. As I have mentioned above, creating an uber clone takes a lot of manpower, funds as well as a huge amount of dedication to taking your product to the top.

Uber Clone Support Process
Uber Clone Support Process

With smart car tech, you take away more than half of your troubles while creating your own uber app. They are also open to discussions regarding features that you would want to add to your app and you can rest assured of quality product.

Furthermore, the company has planned very well for the future. With Driverless vehicles at the cusp of entering the life of everyday people, smart car tech has already taken this fact into consideration.


While most taxi apps will have to revamp their codes to include driverless vehicles, smart car tech have already prepared for it. So if you are planning to start your own uber clone, try out smart car tech. You might end up saving a bucket load of your money.