How A Database Can Make Life Easier


For those of you that are unaware of what database as a service (DBaaS) is, it’s a service based on complex cloud computing systems that are able to offer businesses and private individuals the ability to access vast quantities of data or cloud-based applications and software, rather than much older and traditional models that required that such information be stored locally in order to access it.

These cloud database services are offered by large and small companies alike, offering their clients a wide spectrum of different control and data storage options depending on their specific needs.

DBaaS Are Greatly Reducing Businesses Costs

Small to large companies that require custom or dynamic software systems installed on a large in-house server in order to operate their businesses are now a thing of the past. This-inhouse technology would usually cost businesses tens of thousands or even millions of dollars in installation and setup fees, depending on the scope and scale of the infrastructure needed.

With DBaaS offering this same server infrastructure off-site, businesses, regardless of their size, are no longer required to spend vast amounts of money setting up their technological infrastructure. They can now spend that money elsewhere, such as on further developing their core business, rather than dedicating a huge amount of resources to a secondary or support facet of their business.

DBaaS Are Changing The Way Businesses Operate

Most businesses that managed their own on-site databases and database infrastructure needed to employ specialists capable of managing and maintaining this technology. With DBaaS, these on-site employees are no longer needed.

With DBaaS businesses are usually assigned an offsite representative that assists them with all of their remote database needs. Due to the fact that DBaaS companies specialize in the database industry and employ many experts to run all of the technology, they can provide way more efficient and comprehensive help to their customers than several on-site employees would ever be able to offer.

DBaaS Are Far More Secure

It is common knowledge that a DBaaS is far more secure than on-site database technology. One of the number one priority of a DBaaS provider is to offer the absolute highest level of data security available. These companies ike 4D Data Centres usually have security personnel dedicated to providing their clients with iron-clad systems that are not able to be breached under any circumstances.

In addition to data security, the DBaaS facilities used to house the servers and other infrastructure are usually protected by a roaming armed security detail, as well as all of the modern security technology available such as video surveillance, database vaults, and more.

You Get Way More Server Space With DBaaS

A business used to have to continuously upgrade their servers in order to grow the volume of data space that they had at their disposal. With DBaaS, businesses and individuals alike have access to an unlimited database volume, which means that storage space is never a problem.

With today’s highly demanding business software programs, it is unlikely that some of these programs would even be able to run on in-house systems unless millions of dollars of infrastructure were first put into place.

That simply isn’t possible for small to medium size companies, as they do not have the budget necessary for such expensive and advanced on-site technology. DBaaS is the solution to that problem.