Devices Every New Restaurant Needs to be Successful


Two devices that every restaurant needs to be successful are POS software and a mobile application. Of course when it comes to what POS software for restaurants can do, the obvious answer is that they can accept payments from customers.

However, POS software can do so much more than that. A mobile application is needed for any restaurant because over 70% of Americans use a smartphone and that percentage increases when including other countries. This article will go over why both of these devices are essential for restaurants to attract customers and grow a higher profit.

POS software

  • Fast orders
    • POS software can not only process payments fast, but it can be so much simpler to enter orders. With just a few simple touches, a customer’s order can be entered easily and processed within a few seconds. POS software is simpler for new restaurant recruits to learn which results in fewer mistakes or no mistakes at all.
  • Scheduling employees
    • Employees can clock in and clock out using POS software. If an employee has more than one job duty, the employee can clock in under that job duty. Those job duties can include server, host, and meeting. Managers can also look through an employee’s clock in and clock out times. The managers would also be able to edit the times as needed. POS software can also be used to automatically calculate each employee’s payroll and provide a receipt to an employee of how many hours they worked during the day’s shift.
  • An overview of sales
    • With POS software for restaurants, a manager can check the automatically calculated sales totals. These sales totals can be used to compare daily, weekly and monthly totals which can be further broken down to show the profit per customer, food losses, and what menu options make the most profit. These things will help a manager know if there is anything to change about the restaurant’s operation so that profits can be maximized.

Mobile applications

  • Smartphone usage
    • Many people around the world use smartphones, with over 70% of Americans using them and over 80% of people in the United Kingdom using them. Smartphones are the dominant form of accessing the internet for a large percentage of people. For many smartphone users, an easy-to-use mobile application makes things simpler. In a world where so many people stay connected with a smartphone more than a traditional computer, a mobile application is essential to the growth of a restaurant.
  • Deals
    • A restaurant’s mobile application can show deals that can be redeemed by using the application. Due to so many people using mobile applications, the deals offered in the application can attract more customers.
  • Loyalty program
    • A loyalty program attracts customers to a restaurant by giving points, deals, or free items per purchase or amount spent. Customers would use the mobile application frequently to build up enough of whatever they need to get those perks from the restaurant.