Why Disqus Comments System Is Better Than Others

Why Disqus Comments System Is Better Than Others

I will not explain the long story why it is better than others rather I would give you short points why I love Disqus Comments System:

1. It is an addiction.

I have been a regular commenter on Propakistani since 2013, and the main reason was Disqus Comments System.It acts like a social media when you comment and someone replies you, you get a notification in red light. Even you visit another website that uses Disqus, the red notification light is showed, and you go to the site to reply the person.


2. Easy to Implement

Disqus Comments System is easy to implement. On Bloggers, it takes just one 1 minute, on WordPress, it may 2 to 3 minutes.

3. Users can sign in with email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

4. You can place any PNG to the avatar of your users.

5. Disqus Comments System shows Admin or Moderator Sign on the admin account, the same way it is being shown to my ID in BloggersFunda.

6. Users stay on your site longer time, so it reduces the bounce rate and according to SEMRUSH latest Ranking Factors, it ranks a site higher.

7. It looks professional as compared to other commenting systems.

8. It increases Pageviews because it shows related articles below the comments and the comments of other users. People love to see the comments of other people so it increases page views.

9. It has great replay system, you can see all comments in one place. You can see the email, IP Address, and you can block a user.

How to install on WordPress

How To Install on Blogger

All these 10 points are according to my experience, it may have other advantages as well.

What do you say about it? Feedbacks are welcomed!