How To Double Your YouTube Views In


You may have come across successful YouTubers in recent years. Everyone seems to be making videos on YouTube, however, only a handful of those go viral. If you are a YouTuber with a few thousand subscribers, it may seem like an uphill task to get to a few hundred thousand. But, there are simple guidelines that will help you grow your channel and bring in more subscribers than you ever hoped for.

Start off by focusing on a theme each month. Avoid doing random videos, unless your followers specifically request that you cover a certain topic. This happens quite often. Followers who are interested in certain subjects request for videos to be made on their favourite YouTube channel. One of the biggest struggles YouTubers must tackle is to be consistent and focused on their content. Sticking to a theme will help to make your videos relevant and keep your audience engaged.

Do not be discouraged if your subscribers don’t grow in the first 30 days. You need to exercise patience. First, your audience needs to feel engaged with your content and have an interest strong enough that they want to view your content regularly. It is only then that they will become subscribers. Some people just watch a video and forget about it altogether. Others watch a video and feel the desire to watch similar content, time and again. QuantumMarketer.com says, you have to keep making content even if your subscriber list doesn’t grow or your videos don’t receive monetization. 

The good news is that YouTube doesn’t necessarily rank according to the number of subscribers, but based on your keywords and tags. Do not tag your video with just one keyword. Consider what a searcher will type into YouTube when looking for something, and tag your videos accordingly.

Do not emulate popular YouTubers. Be your own person, unique and authentic not a lesser version of a YouTuber who has a million subscribers. These people already have an audience and they have found their voice. What works for them may not apply to you or the content you produce. You can look for tips and guidelines, but avoid copying them too closely. Instead start thinking about your niche and how you can improve your presentation skills. 

Once you publish a video, use social media management to attract traffic to your YouTube channel. You can’t depend solely on YouTube to promote your video, use other popular platforms to advertise. This will help you grow your following because some followers on your social media platforms may be unaware of your YouTube channel. This is a great way to promote and it won’t cost you anything.

Make your thumbnails click-worthy, not click-bait. Click-bait is when YouTubers who are desperate for views will create a headline that has nothing to do with the content they are displaying. This is tricking viewers, and if possible it is good to avoid this tactic. Instead, create a great looking thumbnail that will attract viewers to click on it.

Do not start off your videos by focusing completely on yourself. This is a mistake many YouTubers make, and should avoid. After a while, these types of videos become boring. And most people don’t even watch the entire thing. Create content that you find interesting but will also interest your audience. You can also talk about topics you feel comfortable about, and don’t forget to showcase your specialties.