Photo Locker – App to Lock, Hide & Password Protect your Photos/Videos

Photo Locker
Photo Locker

Photos are an integral part of our lives where we seem not fully awake if not take the regular morning selfie (for some). We are now so involved in saving moments of the present rather than living in those moments that we sometime forget what the past is and what the present is.

The only regret we have in our hearts is to save this moment for we shall regret not saving it. However, one way or the other, we find ourselves at the mercy of viruses and hackers where our photos that were once supposed to be private somehow get in the hands of people who we do not trust.

This threat isn’t a new one and has existed since the early ages of camera and its advancements. Numerous cases have been reported where the private photos of some individual have been leaked as the owner was either not able to pay the ransom or simply had a grudge with the hacker in the past where suffering of the owner is inevitable.

Hence, for our readers’ satisfaction, we reviewed an app for reliable photo locking abilities. Read on the review as posted below to find whether it offers what you prefer or not.

Photo locker lets you protect photos of all types whether confidential or not on your android phone. It uses quick encryption techniques and doesn’t allow unauthorized access. To access these images (encrypted) you need to access them through photo locker app. Hence, now you don’t need to worry about someone going directly into your phone and finding out all of your activities as your photos are now protected.

Get Photo Locker app for android on Playstore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.newsoftwares.photolockeradvanced&utm_campaign=en

Photo locker App Features:

Lock/Protect photos:

Keep a lock on photos that you think are confidential and would be a disaster if those pictures gets leaked. Hence, by all means, protect them.

Encryption of private:

Quick encryption technique that helps you covers all your private photos.

  • Organize photos and Time scale view:

Sort all your photos by date, month or year inside photo locker.

Multiple import, export and move options:

You can import pictures from camera of the device, gallery, or even download them directly from the built-in private browser.

Create albums:

Create albums to organize, manage and sort out your pictures easily.

3 Credentials:

Three login credentials such as a unique pin, a pattern and a password to access your data stored in photo locker.

Fake login/Decoy mode:

Setting up a fake login attempt is what you need the most. It’s useful when you have no other option but to reveal your passcode in front of someone.

Secure/hack proof Cloud backup:

Creating a backup of your cloud account helps you recover your data in case if you either get hacked or you lose your device. Hence, backup always backs you up in worst scenarios.

Pros/Advantages over other vault & locking apps:

  • Quick encryption
  • Fast processing

Cons/ Disadvantages over other vault & locking apps::

  • Flashy interface
  • A bit hard to understand

Summary and Final Thoughts:

Photo locker so far seemed to be okay-ish application where we weren’t able to find many bugs to report. Its interface however seemed a bit loud and flashy but the performance didn’t trigger any bugs. We’d recommend this to those who face similar conditions as mentioned above.