A Free Tool That Tells You If & When Your Email Was Opened

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Notifications have become a significant part of our modern lifestyle, haven’t they?

They do the job of keeping us up-to-date with information, news, trends, etc.  We are consumed with notifications throughout the day. Varying from Skype, Slack, Emails to Social Media, YouTube and last but not least the Personal Apps.

But above all, as far as professional life is concerned, email is still the utmost important part of our communication.

We send or read countless emails.
Most of them are to our office colleagues, team members, seniors, managers and so on.
To businesses or people, we are thinking of approaching or are collaborating with.
And of course, personal emails too.

However, there’s couple of things, we still do old-school to check if someone has gone through our email.

When we send an email to someone in our office:
Either we use the official messengers to confirm or we go up to the person and ask.

When we send an email to a friend, accomplice, client, vendor, etc.:
Either we call or message to tell them, that you have sent them an email.
So even in this age of technology, we can’t tell if someone has received or read our email?
Has no one taken note of this and worked around it?
Can’t we know, if someone has opened our email from our email sent box?

Well, good news, yes you can.

As a professional, you are instantly more attractive know technology stuff others don’t know.
And who doesn’t want to look cool in and around your office mates?
Not a geek, but someone who seems to know more about exciting technological stuff than others.

Here’s one thing you can go tell people and surprise them.
Well, that is if they aren’t aware of it, already.

We are all aware of the Blue-Ticks we see in WhatsApp, right?
1st tick tells us that the message has been sent.
2nd tick tells us that the message has been received.
And finally, the 2 ticks turn Blue when the receiver of your message, opens to read it.

Similarly, there is an awesome tool that can help you know, whether someone has opened your email and also the time at which he/she opened it.
That’s amazing, isn’t it?

This would mean:
You don’t have to ask any more the person you mailed, whether they have received or opened it.
You don’t need to go up to that person to ask for the same.

You can do it right from one place.
That is checking your Sent Box.

And that awesome thing is: MailTrack

MailTrack is actually an Add-on or an extension, that can be added to the following browsers:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Opera

Features of MailTrack:

1. You can track an email sent from your Gmail account.
You need to be using one of the Browsers mentioned above.
You must install the Add-on.
You get to know the status of your email sent.
Note: This tool only serves Gmail.

2. You will get to know if the receiver has opened your email.
Once you have sent an email from your Gmail account, you will be notified when it is opened.
Also, you will see 2 green ticks, which will tell you that the receiver has opened your email.
You will get a notification email as well.

3. You also get to know, when the email was opened.
Don’t we wonder, why someone has not responded hours after mailing them?
They might have opened it only a minutes ago, and you might not know.
Well, this add-on will tell you exactly when the receiver, opened your email.
Moreover, the exact minute of the hour of when the email was opened.

So now with this tool, you’ll know when:
Your client has opened your email.
The email with resume attached sent to a consultancy or an HR, has been opened or not.
A mail you sent to your office colleague, team members, managers, etc. has been opened or not.

And so on…

This tool comes with a free plan. However, a person receiving your mail will see a mail track logo or signature, which says: “Sent with Mailtrack”.

If you want to have it removed, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.
But that little signature shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

Tools or Extensions for Outlook:


GetNotify is a free service that doesn’t need you to download or install anything.
Free for up to 5 emails per day.
You just need to add .getnotify.com at the end of the email address of the person you are mailing to.
Example: yourname@gmail.com.getnotify.com
The service will send you an email notification alert when the person you mailed to, opens your email.
The best thing about GetNotify is that it works on any email service provider including Hotmail, outlook.


SalesHandy is similar to Mailtrack when it comes to providing free email tracking for a lifetime.
A very handy tool, if you want to keep an eye on what’s happening with your official emails.
In a Free Plan, following signature will be displayed: “Powered by SalesHandy”.
It gives you email notification alerts when your email is opened.
And it also gives you an option to check every time whether you want to track a particular email you are about to send.