Extensions to Speed Up Joomla Website In Better Way

Extensions to Speed Up Joomla Website

Few Joomla extensions may change your Joomla website speed completely.From Joomla 3.3 Your Joomla Website speed matters in Google search engine rankings.

Now it’s a primary concern to look out for site load time.With Recent Google Changes, Joomla Speed Up extension / Joomla Plugins are playing a major role to decrease site load time.

Know the importance of each and every Joomla extension or plugin to speed up your website speed.

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JotCache is an advanced Joomla extension for caching pages, posts, and Images.This  Plugin is extended replacement of standard System-Cache plugin.

Jotcache having another great advantage to Exclusion of selected pages and module template positions from page caching. Moreover, you can set browser cache based on devices like PC, Tablet, and Phone.


To decrease the number of HTTP request, compress CSS and Javascript files together.To do this job simply install and configure ScriptMerge plugin in your Joomla website.By using this plugin you can combine multiple CSS and Javascript files easily.This is will decrease the number of HTTP request from your server and helps to speed up Joomla website.


JCH Optimize comes with several options like Combine CSS Files Combine JavaScript Files, GZip CSS and JavaScript file, Minify CSS, Minify JavScript, Minify HTML, Defer JavaScript

Position, combined javascript and Lifetime (days).This is a Just awesome Joomla Plugin, which speeds up Joomla website. For JCH Optimize plugin settings, refer the following image.

By installing the Joomla speed up extensions and plugins, your website speed will increase.In addition edit .htaccess file  and compress images to load your website even better.

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