The Best Ways To Find Local Customers With Twitter

You might think that twitter is only a good tool for accessing far-flung markets that you are yet to expand your business or brand into. However, you can effectively use twitter to help build your local client base.

Local customers are an excellent way of securing a steady revenue stream and can’t be overlooked in favor of external markets. They’re closer to home and having that ability to meet them will increase the likely hood of sales. Follow our helpful guide and we’ll show you how to find local customers with twitter.

1. Add Locations To Your Tweets

Just like with Instagram and Facebook, you can add locations to your tweets. This can increase your visibility as a brand or business as users can explore the posts that are near where they are! Adding locations increases your chances of being seen by not only people who live in that particular area but also people who are passing through. The location feature is always inactive unless you turn it on, so why not switch this feature on and see the difference it makes.

2. Look for Local Hashtags

Most places in this day and age have their own hashtags directly relating to specific locations or events that are happening in the area. Have a look through the hashtags that are being used by exploring tweets within your area and then you can start leveraging them yourself! You can also compile a list of the people that are using this hashtag, this way you are generating leads in your local area and you can begin reaching out.

3. Use The Search Facilities

You can explore twitter just like you can other social media platforms, just think about what it is you are looking for. Why not start with competitors in your local area. Type in business names that you know offer the same type of product or service and then narrow it down by area.

Once you have done this, you can then start following these customers too. You can also search just based on location alone, such as town name, city name or country. It will take a while to go through all the results that twitter gets for you, but it is access to a local market you may not have otherwise had.

3. Identify Your Target Market.

It is no good compiling a list of people that you want to connect with if your product or service doesn’t match their interests. Really consider your market segment and think about what it is you are selling and what type of people want to purchase your product.

You may find that your demographic is a lot more niche than you previously realized. Once you have done this, you will find it easier to search for your particular demographic based on location, age, gender, you can then discount anyone who doesn’t meet it.

5. Use external services

Twitter has limits in terms of searching capability; you aren’t able to filter down results based on your exact target market. You are able to search for location, events and other features, but really distilling it down is a job for an external service.

You can be as strict or as open as you want to be with your parameters when you are configuring your settings, but the more arcuate you make it to your target market, the easier it will be to generate leads of the back of this type of service. When you configure properly you can input the types of followers you want, based on location, age, gender hashtags used etc, so it takes out a huge portion of the guesswork!

6. Search for your city name

It sounds simple, but you can find customers in your city by simply searching for its name! Input your town or city into the search box, twitter will then show you the most recent tweets that have come from the location you have put in.

Then look across to the tabs and click people, this will show you a list of all the people that have their location switched on whilst they tweet. Then start putting together a lead list and begin making contact!

Final Thoughts

Twitter is a valuable resource when you are trying to generate leads and attract new customers. You don’t always need to be focused on external and fresh markets in order to make waves in your business, look closer to home so you can get customers that you can build up a rapport with as they are local to you.

Consider outsourcing to a third party such as Twesocial. Make sure you enable the location feature on your tweets and use services to really help you distill your demographic down further, use our tips and you’ll be connecting with local customers in no time!