7 Methods To Fix BOOTMGR Is Missing Error In Computer


Are you troubling with the problem of BOOTMGR is the Missing notification when you turn on your computer? Do you want to fix this problem by yourself? If you’re interested in fixing BOOTMGR is the problem by yourself then continue this article.

BOOTMGR is Missing” error may show up on your computer screen due to many different reasons. Most likely you are booting from a non-bootable source or your hard drive may have corrupted information.  It might be seen when your hard drive is corrupted.

The most common reasons for BOOTMGR Missing errors include corrupt and reconfigured files, hard drive and operating system upgrade issues, an outdated BIOS, corrupt hard drive sectors, and damaged or loose hard drive interface cables…

  • BOOTMGR is missing
  • Press any key to restart
  • Couldn’t find BOOTMGR
  • Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart 

The “BOOTMGR is missing” error displays shortly after the laptop/computer is turned on, and it asks to restart the PC.

How To Fix BOOTMGR is Missing Errors

Following are a Few Techniques To Fix BOOTMGR is Missing Error

Restart the computer

The BOOTMGR is Missing error could be easily fluke by restarting the computer if it is due to some driver not working properly due to some temporary files.

Remove Non-Bootable Drives

Check your USB ports, optical drives, and floppy drives for media. Mostly, the “BOOTMGR Missing” error appears if your computer is trying to boot to a non-bootable external drive, disc, or floppy disk. If you come to know that this is the main cause of your BOOTMGR is

If you come to know that this is the main cause of your BOOTMGR is Missing issue and this is happening regularly, then change the boot order in BIOS in such a way that the hard drive is listed as the first boot device. 

Put Hard Drive on Top Of BIOS Sequence.

Check the boot sequence in BIOS and make sure the correct hard drive or correct bootable drive is listed as first if you have more than one drive. If the wrong drive is listed at first, you will face BOOTMGR is Missing errors.

Reassemble the All Connected Wires and Data Cables.

Reassemble the all internal data and power cables. BOOTMGR Missing error messages might be caused by loose, unplugged; controller cables or malfunctioning power. Replace the SATA or PATA cable if you find it might be faulty.

Perform a Startup Repair of Windows.

Try a Startup Repair of Windows. Mostly this installation replaces any corrupted or missing files, including BOOTMGR.

Startup Repair is a common solution method for BOOTMGR errors. But sometimes it doesn’t work for BOOTMGR Missing Problem. But it is not to worry about. Just continue troubleshooting try a new technique.

Install A New Window With New Partitions.

Format your previous partitions and write new partitions, and install window again. The partition boot sector is an important piece in the boot process so if there is issue due to it, problems like “BOOTMGR is Missing” errors Appears.

Replace the Hard Drive.

Replace the hard drive from the computer and install a new copy of Window. If all methods of repairing have failed, including the clean installation of the window.  Then it is all due to the hardware issue with the hard drive.

These are easy 7 techniques to fix BOOTMGR is Missing Error.