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If you are a student you need to manage a lot of writing tasks, including creative writing, such as essays, for example. It is fine if the paper that you need to write is deeply technical. You describe the processes, make conclusions, look for reputable opinions and check if they are correct based on the experiment result that you got.

However, not all is so simple with an essay. To write a nice essay, you need inspiration, ideas. All of this you can get from free essay samples Advancedwriters, and the best samples you can find on AdvancedWriters.com.

Some Useful Tips to Help You Learn from Free Samples

Free essay samples can provide a smart student with all the needed materials to write a high-quality paper. All you need is to know how to use them. Here, we will check how to do it correctly, step-by-step.

Select some essays that discuss your topic or topics that are the closest to yours. Read them attentively. It might happen that some of them will be completely different than you expected. Or you might not like some of them completely. If it happens, just close them and do not return back to them unless you found there some interesting ideas. In this case, write the ideas down and consider an option to discuss them in your own essay.

Read those essays that you have selected to get some inspiration and useful information. Check their structure. Think if you agree with the consequences of events described there or you would arrange it in a different manner. Write down interesting ideas that might help you create your own paper.

Now, you can start by writing a plan for your paper. Start with the general structure:

  • An introduction;
  • The main part;
  • A conclusion.

After that, expand these points with the ideas that you have written down. Arrange them in the consequence as they will follow in your essay. Expand them by adding your own thoughts and ideas. Do it just as they come, do not put off for later because most of them will be forgotten in a couple of minutes. After that, you can move to the next step: paper writing. Now, when you have collected all the needed information and checked all the main points of view in free essay samples, you can do it easily.

Note please that free samples are not provided to copy-paste them. Your paper should be unique. It means, no copy-pasted content is allowed. Everything that you take from free samples should be remade, reworked, expressed with your words. Even if you would like to take some citations to use them to prove your ideas, there is a special way to integrate them into your text. Other than that, never copy and paste any content because it will influence badly on your paper, your grade and even your reputation as a student if your teacher discovers that your essay is plagiarized.

What Should I Do if I Have Issues with My Writing Task?

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