Top 3 Best Free Google Fax Services Now a Days

Nowadays, an office is incomplete without modern equipment, such as a HPRT A4 printer, computer, and other technology pieces. It doesn’t mean you don’t need fax machines. These machines are still relevant in the business world.

Business owners trust on fax machines to send and receive their sensitive documents. For this reason, you can see fax machines in almost every office. Fortunately, technology allows you to avoid the dependence of bulky fax machines to send and receive faxes.

Online fax services allow you to send and receive faxes without fax machines and telephone lines. You can use Google fax services to fax through Google Drive and Gmail. To use Google products to send and receive faxes, you will need a third-party fax service. Here are the top 3 best free Google Fax services.

1. CocoFax

  •   Free fax number
  •   Delivery reports
  •   Email to fax solutions
  •   Safe and encrypted faxing
  •   Smartphone faxing
  •   Permanent storage
  •   Toll-free and local fax numbers
  •   24/7 live support

CocoFax is a convenient and trustworthy Google fax service. It allows you to send and receive faxes without special hardware or a fax machine. This fax service has millions of satisfied users and gets recognition from top platforms, such as PC World, CNET, TechRadar, PCMag, etc.

With their security protocols, there is no need to worry about cyber-attacks and hackers. You will get an extra layer of security with 2FA (Two-factor authentication). This security layer is available for mobile apps and web browsers.

HIPPA compliance and PCI-DSS compliance are their specialties. For this reason, you can confidently choose CocoFax to send and receive your sensitive documents. This fax solution is suitable for every company, regardless of size. You can handle fax needs without worrying about hidden charges.

It is possible to send faxes from smartphones after downloading an app. You can use CocoFax’s free online fax service for professional communications. Feel free to send faxes without a phone line or fax machine.

For international faxing, you will need an exit code, country code, a fax number, and an online fax service. You will get everything from CocoFax, such as a free trial for 30-days, a free fax number, and a CocoFax dashboard. Remember, CocoFax allows you to send faxes from your printer. Feel free to use your all in one printer, even without fax capabilities. 


With the help of the CocoFax dashboard, it will be easy for you to manage your fax communications. A dashboard allows you to check your received faxes in an inbox and send faxes. Moreover, you can send a fax from Google Voice, Google Drive, and Gmail. To get more details about CocoFax, visit their official website or check this CocoFax review post.

2. SRFax

  •   Send faxes from different devices
  •   Store and schedule fax
  •   Free trial for some plans

If you want to send and receive faxes in bulk, it can be a handy solution for you. With this fax service, you can get the advantage of cross-platform integration, unlimited storage, and scheduling options.

A web-based system is available to receive and send faxes to personalized fax numbers. You can use the inbox of your email or their official website. Feel free to send and receive almost 25 pages at $3.29 per month. If you want to send nearly 2500 pages in a month, you have to spend $45.95 per month.

3. MetroFax

  •   Zero dedicated fax lines
  •   Good to scale with businesses
  •   Free from long-distance charges in the US and Canada

With this internet-based service, you can manage international and local fax messages. MetroFax makes your work easy to receive and send fax messages fast. It can be an affordable option to send messages from your phone and computer.

It will help you to decrease the expense of the phone line, a fax machine, paper, and toner. MetroFax allows you to choose from three service plans. If you want to send almost 500 pages in a month, you have to pay $10 per month. This service is affordable because of its low monthly subscription.

Keep in mind that international charges are different, and some users find them expensive. If you want to send faxes in Canada and the US, this service can be the right choice for you. This service is compatible with Apple and Android cellphones.