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GB Whatsapp – Advanced Whatsapp Tricks For Android

GBWhatsapp apk
GB WhatsApp

GBWhatsapp app is the best Whatsapp alternative available on the internet. It has features which are available in normal WhatsApp. And Gbwhatsapp app has a lot of extra features. By Downloading Gbwhatsapp app Apk you can get some special features like sending video size is 30MB.

GBWhatsapp is also working with normal WhatsApp if you use GBWhatsapp in your mobile then no need to uninstall regular WhatsApp i.e. its flexibility. This also works with regular WhatsApp.

GBWhatsapp App And Tricks

Support to both voice and video call:-

It is a normal feature of regular WhatsApp but the here there is some extra quality in video and voice calling.  And we can change the icon of chat what we have set the icon style it will attract to other people.

There is a possible way hiding the privacy options in GBWhatsapp:

Here one of the great option is hiding the privacy . this feature not available in normal WhatsApp. Hiding the features leads to great changes in the WhatsApp.

Sending video size limit from 16 MB to 30MB :

It’s a greatest feature of GBWhatsapp. sending the video size is increased from 16MB to 30MB. A lot of people who are using regular WhatsApp facing this problem frequently in their daily life. This feature comes with GBWhatsapp installation.

Send 90 images instead of 10 images at once:

This is the ultimate feature of GBWhatsapp sending 90 images at once without mark multiple images multiple times. And feature doesn’t affect your phone and sending images speed is depends upon your internet speed and sending way is as same as regular WhatsApp.

The possibility of changing the icon of the size of every chat.

There is the super and ultimate option to change the chat icon size and style. We can change the icon style like round shape square shape what you what to choose.

The possibility of a case of the number of dependent characters 250 instead of 139 symbols:

In GBWhatsapp there 139 symbols are there like Emoji and character like @,$ Etc. So GBhatsapp has some extra character than regular WhatsApp.

And more features are mentioned below :

  • Availability of dual WhatsApp accounts.
  • Dedicated privacy options for dual WhatsApp accounts.
  • Ability to distinguish between regular and collective messages.
  • Ability to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously.
  • Videos of up to 30MB can be sent via the app.
  • WhatsApp group come with counter statistics feature.
  • Media can be viewed without loading the application.
  • Option to hide date and name.
  • The app supports GBWhatsapp web login.
  • Easy switching between different accounts.
  • Hide last seen.
  • Disable calls for specific contacts.
  • GIF Images can be sent on messages.
  • Selfie flash feature added in apps camera.
  • Ban / Block any account easily.
  • Broadcast messages can be sent to up to 600 people.
  • Increase group name length, up to 35 characters.
  • Hide Double Tick / Second Tick.
  • Custom modded theme designs.
  • Themes can be downloaded from the server.
  • Status length increased, status can now be up to 250 characters long.
  • Friend’s / Contact’s status can be copied.
  • Default App icon can be changed.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Lock feature, add a lock to the app without the need for a third party software.
  • Change the style of ticks, coalfield, circle, etc.
  • Preview & play media without downloading to the device.
  • Customize widgets, conversation screen, popup notification, chat screen, etc.
  • Auto reply feature allows setup of auto-reply message.
  • Live location sharing
  • Image and Video effects.
  • Send up to 100 documents.
  • Allows calls to numbers that are not in contact.
  • Inbuilt Message scheduler, schedule WhatsApp messages easily.
  • Ban proof.
  • A feature that shows you are online for 24 hours.
  • Can be installed and run alongside original WhatsApp without issues.

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