good afternoon status in hindi language

NEW*} Good Afternoon Status In Hindi 2021

If you wanna make someone’s day more happy and lively than use these top 59 best  good afternoon messages with Shayari and enjoy.!

Nahi Aata Jo Uska Intezaar Kyon Hota Hai
Apna Yeh Haal Kisi Ke Liye Hota Kyon Hain
Bohat Cheeze Pyari Hai Waise Duniya Mein Milta Nahi
Jo Us Se Pyar Hota Kyon Hai! Good Afternoon!

If ur eyes r sweet u would like all people in the world.
But if ur tongue is sweet all people in the world will like you
Good afternoon

$weet things are ea$y 2 buy,
$weet words are ea$y 2 $ay,
But $weet People like u,
are difficult 2 finds…
May ur whole life b a$ swt as u…
$weet Good afternoon!

Bago Me Phool Khilte Rahenge,
Raat Me Dip Jalte Rahenge,
Dua Hai Bhagwan Se Ki Aap Khush Raho,
Baki To Hum Apko “Miss” Karte Rahenge..
Good Afternoon

Tumhari woh khamoshi jis ke baad
tum se baat karney ki khawahish paida ho jaiey,
tumharey uss kalam sey behtar hay jis ke baad tum ko
khamosh ker diya jaiy.

Thinking of U this lovely morning,
As the sun starts shining is the perfect beginning.
So, my dear sister, u r charming here’s my good morning.
Keep smiling Afternoon till evening….!

The afternoon is not only the
Middle of the day
It is the time to complete
our essential task
and go ahead in life

best  good afternoon status

Nice friendship is Like The breathing air… You Will Never See it…
But You Will Always Feel its Presence…Good afternoon.

Sacchi Dosti Bejubaan Hoti Hain
Ye To Aankho Se Bayaan Hoti Hain
Dosti Mein Dard Mile To Kya?
Dard Me Hi Dosti Ki Pahchaan Hoti Hain.

When we see our beloved one after a long gap,
we want to share many things but smile & silents
are the first ones we share. That’s real affection…
good afternoon.!

Dil pyar me bekaraar bhi hota hai,
dosti me intezaar bhi hota hai,
hoti nahi hai pyar me dosti par,
dosti me shaamil pyaar bhi hota hai..
good afternoon!!

ISHQ kar deta hai bekarar,
Bhar deta hai pathar k dil mei pyar,
har 1 ko nahi milti zindagi ki yeh bahar,kyunki
ISHQ ka dusra naam hai INTEZAR.

Hotho se hotho ko chu lene do
Aaj mahuwa ka ras chu lene do
Chupi hai kai shararati muskrahate
Aaj ji bhar k unhe sun lene does.
Good Afternoon My dear..!!

Meaning of noon is not just the only middle of the day
but it is the harder time to do anything in our life.
So across this noon happily Good Afternoon..

(‘-‘) Smiling (!.!) Crying (‘;’) Angry (‘:’) Bored
(‘.’)Proud (‘o’) Hungry (‘?’) Confuse (-.-) Sleepy
I like 2 accompany u in every mood 🙂
Good Afternoon..!!

Anybody can love a rose but no 1 luvs
a leaf that adds beauty 2 roses!
MORAL: Don’t Luv some1who is beautiful,
but Luv t 1 who can make Ur life beautiful..
Good afternoon my rose !1

success is century make it, the problem is yorker face it,
failure is bouncer leave it , luck is full toss use it,
but the opportunity is free to hit never miss it,
good afternoon my friends.!

Nice friendship is Like The breathing air…
You Will Never See it…
But You Will Always Feel its Presence…
Gud afternoon.!

The rising of Sun is the Morning time
And The Setting of Sun is the Evening time,,
When it is above your head it is the NOON time,,,
Have a hot and warm Noon.!