Catering Trends To Help You Grow Your Catering Business

Grow Your Catering Business
Grow Your Catering Business

Food is just like fashion, as it comes with trends and fads where some stay and some just fade away. To make my point more valid let me throw a number to you: Around 80% of the U.S adults watch cooking shows regularly.

Catering services started way back in 1978 when Caesar Cranshell used these services to celebrate the exit of British General William Howe in Philadelphia. And since then service providers have come with various menu be it either veg or non-veg food.

Catering consists of unique concept and is not just about serving guests and developing a great menu. The food you serve as a caterer can either make or break the guest’s experience and it entirely depends on the way you deliver your service.

And if you are looking to make your catering business reach out to today’s audience then you must adapt these catering trends. The catering business has significantly increased since its inception and as chefs are exploring food from various parts of the world, there seems to be no early departure from this business.

The trends keep on changing over time as the tastes and preferences of people are shifting as they look to consume more dietary and healthy food. A key to catching up with those trends is to check on restaurants and include that food in the menu of your catering services.

Want to become the best catering service in Bangalore but cannot match up with today’s audience? Here are some of the trends that are making are making its mark in the Catering business go out and adapt these to your business.


Regional Food

For a catering business to stay it has to hit the right the locals of that region and by doing so it generates both profit and gains more clients. People have a sense of pride when they eat something local leaving them quite pleased. This is why destination-specific has become a huge trend.

Either hire a local chef or make your staff train such that they excel in the art of cooking local food. A client may ask questions like where the meat comes from and are those from vegetables from the local farms.

Street cuisine

Before getting to the healthy part, try the ones that are favorites among all ages, and by favorite, we mean the street food. These are easy to have foods and the most preferred choice of foods which include sandwiches, tacos, wraps, chats, and noodles etc.

These perhaps remain to be on a caterer’s menu because most of the guests these days prefer to stand and eat.

Chef’s make these foods interesting by adding flavors like grilled apricots, macaroni cheese giving an add-on to the luxurious guests at the event.

Local Beer and Wine

The most important part of the event is the drink that is served. Before going ahead with this trend understand and learn about the guidelines regarding the age considered for drinking in the region of the event taking place.

If the event is way above the age restrictions then serving them beverages from local microbreweries gives them a hint of local culture and tradition.

Vegan or Vegetarian food

More people are taking the concept of vegan and vegetarian food way too seriously, making catering services to change their menu. The menu a client asks you under this category can either be 100 percent vegan or vegetarian.

This should not limit you from preparing meat-related food, you can still offer it if the client demands. This is another crucial trend that is being considered and adapting this to your menu can garner the interests of people looking to conserve the environment.

India and its people are better known for adopting changes and also are quite popular for their food allowing caterers to have a go at it. Also, it is a country which has an almost equal amount of people consuming vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

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Also, try considering donating the leftover food which is a common problem faced by most of the caterers. And these were the trends that most of the catering services are adapting all around the globe, hope you get a hold on these and wait for the results to go your way. Are there any more trends other than the ones mentioned above? If yes, then write to us in the comments section below.