Six Convenient Health Gadgets for Home Use

Health gadgets

As the healthcare industry advances and technology and medicine become more accessible and efficient, it is becoming easier than ever to keep tabs on certain conditions and ensure that you are healthy – should you feel like you do need to be seen by a professional, however, you can now even search for your nearest los angeles urgent care center, or center wherever you are, online before setting off so you know that where you do go will be open and able to see you. Of course, another thing that makes maintaining our health so easy is the convenience that we are now able to enjoy with the help of certain health gadgets that can be used from home.

Here are six health gadgets for home use that you use anywhere in your house.

1. FreeStyle Libre

FreeStyle Libre is changing the way that we check glucose levels. Anyone with diabetes knows the painful routine of finger sticking just to get a glucose reading, but there is no need for that with FreeStyle Libre which works using a painless scan.

The two-week sensor is water-resistant, easy to wear, and painless. FreeStyle Libre is small, only about the size of two quarters. It is discreet and works even through clothes. The device works day and night measuring glucose readings, and monitoring levels continuously, unlike other gadgets that use the fingerprick(or fingerstick) method and only get one reading.

2. Sleep face Reston

This comprehensive sleep monitor keeps tabs on respiratory rate, heart rate, and sleep cycle, and even acts as a private consultant. Reston collects data through multiple different methods in order to determine what time you fall asleep and when you wake up. It is then able to provide smart analysis, sleep advice, and even tips for improvement. If you are struggling to sleep and you’re looking for advice on how to improve your sleeping experience, check out websites like Rolling Paper to learn more about why you’re finding it difficult.

It is extremely thin and non-wearable; it sits under your chest as you sleep with a magnetic lid that clasps to your bed sheet. It also has a smart alarm.

For a more in-depth discussion of different sleep trackers and gadgets, check this new website where product reviews, buying guides, and price comparisons are shared.

3. Tinke

According to the company website Zensorium, Tinke is currently out of production. This product was launched in 2012, and it was a versatile device that measured many things, including essential fitness and stress indices. It also kept track of heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, heart, and respiratory rate.

Zensorium has one device currently on the market called Self, and another called Act which has not yet been released. Self aims to help you be more mindful and can measure stress, monitors heart rate and activity, and even sleep.

4. QardioCore

QardioCore is a pretty exciting device because it is the first ECG that doesn’t use any wires or patches. It allows you to monitor your heart easily and provide medical-grade data. You will be able to use your own smartphone to track aspects of your heart health.

The design is made to be comfortable to wear and innovative. It is designed to fit in with your lifestyle, and you can even easily share data with your doctor. This electrocardiograph is medically accurate and can achieve more profound insights into your heart health. QardioCore can give you more than 20 million data points in a single day.

5. BACtrack S80 Pro

BACtrack can be used by anyone who requires BAC results that are dependable, including health professionals and law enforcement. It has a one-button comfortable and convenient operation as well as enhanced linear accuracy.

The sensor technology is pro-grade; in fact, it is the same technology used by professionals in various industries.  It also meets the requirements of the DOT/NHTSA that are required of any personal alcohol screening device.

It features a min-solenoid internal breath pump which makes the device both efficient and accurate. It has a one-touch operation, an LCD display, and extra mouthpieces. It doesn’t give false positives, and it features long-term reliability.

6. GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device

Clinically proven GLO has been used in many professional dental offices, and it boasts the ability to whiten your smile by five times without the risk of increased sensitivity. GLO provides whitening that is more effective, faster, and easier. It works by combining the use of heat and LED light which works together to accelerate the use of hydrogen peroxide, which whitens the teeth.

GLO whitening gel comes in vials which are then brushed right unto the teeth to activate the whitening process. The application is only 8 minutes. These applications are pre-timed, hands-free, and whiten the bottom and top teeth at the same time.

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