attitude status in hindi

5 Ways to Attract a Girl Without Saying a Word

attitude status in hindi

You see her for the first time and fall under the influence of her charm at once. You could come up, start a conversation, make her laugh with your wit, but you are not the most sociable person. It is a problem for you to say at least a word,  and that’s why you stand aside and sigh while the girl of your dreams is communicating with someone else. Of course, anyone shouldn’t forget about giving space in a relationship, but, at first, it’s necessary to start it. Maybe it’s time to make a difference? Start with non-verbal behavior which does not require direct communication. Correct gestures, eye contact, and attractive appearance play a much more serious role than you think.

  1. Spectacular appearance

It’s about looking good, giving the impression of a well-groomed young man. How often do you clean your shoes, change shirts, or iron your jeans? Do you think that women go wild, meeting unshaven woodcutters or computer trolls with dirty hair? Presentable appearance is important. A man should wear neat clothes which emphasize the advantages of his body and hide drawbacks. Remember that the girls notice everything! Men who wear jackets, watches, and shirts are especially attractive. These things well underline the status and give masculinity to a man’s image.

  1. Pleasant smell

Try to remember how often you take a shower. If you don’t do that on a regular basis, then it doesn’t matter how smart, loyal, and interesting you are: a girl will not pay attention to you. The smell is important in many respects; it affects her subconscious attitude towards you and even forms sexual desire. Maintain personal hygiene, do not forget about fresh breath and moderate use of perfume.

  1. Eye contact is a key moment to attract a girl

This stage will provide her curiosity if you do it right. Any woman is not indifferent to attention; she likes the enthusiastic views of passersby and the offers to get acquainted even if she pretends not to notice anything. So join the game! Start looking at her with genuine interest, remaining completely serious. Such a manner will add some mystery to your image, and what could be more interesting than a secretive man who is interested in you? However, when you make eye contact, smile at her: this will make a favorable impression and create a pleasant excitement. In any case, do not stare at the beauty too cheeky or long. It is indecent, and she may decide that you are a pervert.

  1. Reducing the distance

So, you look good, smell delicious, and you have already attracted her attention. What should you do next? It’s simple: you should come closer. It’s not about offering to have sex but about the first steps towards each other. Try to find a reason to enter her personal space. You should do your best to be somewhere near to implement this task. Move over a bit than usual, take part in a joint project, be in her sight as often as possible. She should see you and feel your energy.

  1. Touches

You should be careful with this non-verbal signal not to scare the girl off. Start small, walk alongside in a crowded room, give her a hand, remove a non-existent speck of dust from her hair. If she does not move away or willingly moves closer to you, it means that the tactile barrier is overcome! Just do not tremble like jelly and try to behave naturally; be confident and playful. Doing that, you will give her an opportunity to experience more confidence than if you begin to aggressively hug her.

If you want to attract the girl and please her, start with these five points. Do not make a goddess out of her, be simpler, and don’t forget to listen to inner sensations. Besides, remember that sooner or later, you will have to talk, so come with an icebreaker in advance.