JinWoDe Mirror Dash Cam “The Complete In-Depth Review”

JinWoDe Mirror Dash Cam
JinWoDe Mirror Dash Cam

What would be better than a cheap Dash Cam with amazing features can secure your car. A high rated camera also does the same work and a camera with the low price also. Yes, there are some differences in their quality but the cheap products do not always prove to be useless.

If you want to secure your car, want to record inside and outside view of your car. Then I think front and rear dash cam is not less than best. It will give you the best results because of its amazing features.

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But before you think to buy JinWoDe Dash Cam, let us take a look at its features so that you can know each and everything about the product.

Why Only JinWoDe Dash Cam?

Dual Len

JinWoDe Dash Cam comes with the dual lens camera. You can record a video either from the front camera or from the rear camera or you can simultaneously record the video from both the cameras. You can record both inside and outside view of the car. As nowadays, security is the first priority for all. So JinWoDe Dash Cam will record all your road trips clearly. You will have the footage of each and every moment as an evidence if needed.

140-degree Angle Lens

 This camera comes with the 140-degree of angle lens. This will help you to record full coverage of the journey. JinWoDe Dash Cam will record the widest field of view. So you will never be missed even with the single movement inside or outside your car.

Recording In Loops

 JinWoDe Dash Cam has continuous recordings in loops. Your Dashcam will continuously record your video till it reaches the storage card to its maximum capacity. Recording in loops means it will record the videos in small parts. It will automatically start a new video when required.

But when it reaches the storage capacity it will overwrite the older videos. So you can use external memory also. JinWoDe Dash Cam will support up to 32 GB SD card.


 And now the most amazing feature of Dashcam comes. The G-Sensor feature will not overwrite your locked videos. At the time of any mishappening or whenever something important is recorded by the camera then it will automatically lock your those important files because of the G-Sensor feature.

If you have to use some of your videos as evidence and have a risk that it will get overwritten or get deleted. Then by using G-Sensor mode, you don’t need to worry. You will be ready with the important footage when needed.

Parking Monitoring

 The problem of parking a car without any difficulty is faced by most of the drivers. But the parking monitoring feature of JinWoDe Dash Cam will your problem. Whenever you will press the reverse gear to park your car then the camera will automatically start showing you the backward scene. You don’t need someone to help you while parking. The camera will do this work for you. In some cases, people forget to switch on the parking mode when they start parking their car. But you don’t need to worry about it because it will automatically switch on whenever you will start parking your car.

Motion Detection

  Now the problem that arises is, you have parked your car but worried about its security. Whenever any object will move around your car then the camera will start recording it. No matter if someone is inside the car or not or if the car is stopped or moving. The camera will do its work because the detection quality of the camera is very much strong.

Like every morning when you wake up and you see your car scratched or the tire gets punctured. Then with the help of this camera, you can easily find the real culprit. This is how you can secure your car with JinWoDe Dash Cam. And I think it is one of the most important features that everyone wants.

Warranty Period

 JinWoDe Dash Cam has a complete one year warranty. So if you face any difficulty in the next one year of buying the camera then you can contact the customer care service at any time. The company will provide you the best service.

Pros & Cons


  • Dual Lens
  • 140-degree wide angle lens
  • Seamless Loop Recording
  • G-Sensor
  • Monitoring while Parking
  • Motion Detection
  • One year warranty period
  • 4.3″ LCD screen

Final Words

A Dashcam within this price and these much of amazing features is hard to find. No other camera within this price will ever provide you these amazing features. I think you should not think anymore and just buy it. JinWoDe Dash Cam is under your budget as well as your car will be secure after using it. If you can spend your money on buying an expensive car then why don’t you spend a little more money for its security? If you really liked this dashcam then order it now only.