Laptop Buying Tips ~ Things To Consider When Buying A New Laptop

Laptop Buying Tips

As the laptop buying is a big step to be taken by a buyer to decide to buy which brand of the laptop which suites him the best which brings all his desired requirements and type of system features that a buyer wants.

Now a day there is a long list of different brands and then the total variety of laptop has grown within few years. Now they come in wide range of shapes, designs, size and some packages which include the small ones to the largest but thinnest models available there for the buyers.

Laptop Buying Tips

Shopping a laptop for you without knowing about the laptop that is available and the feature they carry with them this can make the buyer feel very frustrated and painful while choosing a one to finally buy.

In this case, you might buy a laptop that is high tech and more expensive when he could be happier with a less expensive one.

Before making any buying decision you should assess your needs and then search for the best and then make a smart decision.

Check out a comparison between HP Spectre X360 vs Dell XPS 13 to see which one is the best laptop


Now all over the world the laptops are made in different sizes and they are designed keeping certain purpose in mind such as some laptops are of small size mainly due to lower the cost or for the portability as you see in advertisement as the laptop very small size up to 7 to 8 inches of screen and only weighs 3 pounds but the main catch for the viewer is its low price of $500

Also Check out a comparison between HP Spectre X360 vs Dell XPS 13 to see which one is the best laptop

Screen size

There is a wide range of laptops with different screen sizes as:

  • 14.1 inch
  • 17 inch
  • 15.4 inch
  • 13.3 inch
  • 10 inch (Netbooks)

Users usually have to make a choice out of the screen ranges available according to there need and requirement.


This feature is for those who want to buy a laptop with a high-speed processor that helps them to work faster but it only comes at a high cost. Now a day you can buy “Core i5, Core i7.

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Hard Drive and Memory (RAM) Capacity

The range available for buyers, continue to increase day by day dramatically. Now day’s laptops are offered with hard drives ranges from 300GB to 1TB and their RAM ranges from 4GB to 8GB At least. Here keep in mind, if you’re going to buy a laptop for professional civil work or heavy graphical designing for engineering purpose then you must choose the best AutoCAD laptop packed with at least 8GB of RAM and SSD drive for high I/O.

Although they are expensive but new operating system Vista and Windows 7,8 & 10 require a minimum of 2GB RAM and if you want to run the heavy software, you need more.

Graphics card

There are 2 types of the graphics card, there are On Board and Dedicated. On board usually, share with RAM. The dedicated graphics card will be a higher cost but more quality. The aim for high quality of graphics card is to make it more real of your view in games.

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There are 2 brands of the graphics card, it is ATI Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce Series. These types offer different quality of graphics results on the screen. Make sure the brand on your computers is one of it.


Good sound means you are like playing the reality. Use the headphones if you play in the crowded area. For more experience, you can use speakers. Usually, the standard sound card is enough to meet games requirement.


Pick the longest battery life, or you can use some tricks to extended battery life. You can do it by simple experiment. For idle condition, leave it in condition no-charge for hours ….then count how long. Normally you should buy a laptop which has 4 hours battery timing, and 2.5 hours on video.

Professional or Home use

Whenever you are buying a laptop keep your desire use of it in mind as if you are a professional user then go for faster and more performance but If you are buying it for the sake of browsing, emailing, Studying purpose, for listening to the music or watching movies in this case you should go for the moderate one in respect of the performance and price.

Windows or MAC

You also have to make a choice between the operating system you want to buy is it Windows or MAC.As window continue to dominate the buyers but the MACs customers are also very pioneer to the MAC. Both systems have some strong’s and some weaknesses.

While windows have more software and applications then the MAC but the Macintosh users can still claim that their system is less susceptible to viruses and spyware.