Laptop Charger Not Working – Possible Common Reasons

Many of us have encountered an issue with our laptop charger not working properly sometimes. This is indeed a very inconvenient and frustrating issue; however, if you are experiencing such a problem right now, continue reading, because you will get to know some tips that will surely help you fix this.

There are some things you can definitely do, in order to either fix your charger completely or improve its working performance.

Most of the ones who are facing this very annoying situation may think about just replacing their charger, but this is not at all convenient or affordable.

Why pay for a new charger when you can fix the one you already have? So, let’s get started and fix your charger quickly.

If your laptop charger not working, make sure to do something about it very quickly, because there will be no way to give power to your computer, so basically, you will be unable to use it until the charger is fixed.

Why is the laptop charger not working anymore?

This issue can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Here are the ones that are most commonly met by users facing this problem:

  • You are using the wrong charger or you haven’t switched on the power – first, just make sure that you are using the appropriate charger n that specific laptop, in case you own more than one. This may sound so basic and stupid; however, it can happen to any of use, without realizing.
  • You have used the charger on a different laptop – this may seem like it won’t cause any harm, however, doing so may affect the laptop’s battery and the charger itself, due to the fact that they have been used with incompatible devices.
  • The battery is too worn out – You have to take this into account too. In cases of an excessively used battery, it can start getting weaker, not charging at all, or very slowly. This is due to battery-related issues and basically, the charger has nothing to do with the problems. If you have a spare battery, you can definitely find out which is exactly the cause.
  • The charger cable is strained – Make sure that the cable is straight and not heavily bent at any point because this can prevent it from sending power to the laptop. Bending your cable is something that you have to avoid because it will affect the functionality of the charger as time passes.

Any of the above reasons can be the ones behind the issues you are having with your laptop charger. You will have to check every possible cause so that you can find the appropriate solution for you. It is hard to tell which exactly the main source of the problem is; however, you can identify it easier by eliminating causes one by one and by testing and examining the machine under different circumstances.

Possible solutions

Well, the easiest and quickest solution to all of these issues is definitely just to go and purchase a brand new laptop charger, but most of us don’t want that; that’s for sure.

It’s not financially convenient at all because %50 or $100 is not such a low amount of money to pay for a new laptop charger.  Many look for alternative solutions, however, in some cases, when the charger is seriously damaged; there isn’t too much one can do about it.

Therefore, is such a situation, purchasing a new charger may be the only answer, to make a laptop get charged again.

If you are knowledgeable in computer hardware, this may be something you could try to fix yourself. For people who don’t know much about computers, it is usually advisable to take the charger to a laptop repair shop, for a professional technician can look into the issue. They can definitely examine the charger and recommend some fixes, in order to make it work again.

So, for the average, non-technical computer user, who cannot take the charger apart, turn it into little pieces and spread the wires all over the place, here are some useful tips:

  • Try another compatible charger on the same laptop – This will show whether the charger or the battery is at fault. If the battery will charge, then the charger is faulty. If not, then it’s definitely the battery.
  • Go get a new charger – This is definitely the easiest and quickest solution that will completely get you rid of the problem. If you can’t afford to buy a new charger, then you can look into getting a second hand, fully functional one. There are many stores selling chargers online. This way, you can get a cheaper, fully working one and solve the issue.
  • Go to a repair shop and have it fixed. The fees will not rise to an amount that is as high as it would be if you purchased a new one.
  • If your laptop is still under warranty, just contact the manufacturer and have them replace your charger with a new one.

Is your laptop charger not working as it should? Then by following these tips, you will know exactly what to do to fix it. Choose one of the alternatives and enjoy your laptop.

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