The 10 Best Games with Local Cooperative For Fwo Players on PS4

ps4 couch co op games
ps4 couch co op games

You can visit seers, fill out online questionnaires or consult the horoscopes of newspapers. But there is only one real way to check if your relationship has the strength to resist the passage of time: cooperative video games.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we believe that this is the perfect time to offer up to ten ps4 couch co op games with a large cooperative component to test the most basic aspects of any relationship. Take a look and see which game you want to add another controller (or PS VR).

  1. Gang Beasts:

The hilarious multiplayer Boneloaf title includes an impressive wave mode. Yes, of course, you can stand back to back and end the hordes of enemies … but you can also push your partner against the nearest oven to unload those small frustrations present in any relationship. Imagine a pillow fight, but with deadly traps full of spikes

  1. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes:

Test your communication skills by collaborating as much as possible to disarm a bomb. The one wearing PS VR will come face to face with the multi-phase explosive, and will have to disarm it following the instructions given by the other player … who can only find the correct documents if he follows the information that the player tells him with PS VR. Like a guessing game, but with a lethal touch.

  1. Do not Starve Together:

Do your ideal romantic vacations consist of a survival experience for two? Well first of all, check from the comfort of the sofa how well it is given to your partner to look for food with this adventure roguelike cooperative. Collaborate to collect resources and endure as long as possible. Is it easy to survive together? Now you are more hands, yes, but also more mouths to feed…

  1. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime:

Go on a trip with a loved one: an idyllic adventure or an organizational disaster? Take a stellar trip and discover if you have the coordination and compatibility necessary to jointly manage a special ship. Although maybe one ends up throwing the other into outer space before the end of the trip…

  1. Salt and Sanctuary:

Put that little game of D & D aside and face death together with Salt and Sanctuary, a 2D platform game that follows in the wake of games like Dark Souls. With the Sellswords cooperative mode (Mercenaries), you can spend the night from mission to mission, and from death to death, cogiditos de la mano

  1. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2:

If we put together a romantic walk in a park with a marathon of scary movies for two, we have as a result this ingenious mix of tower defense game with first person shooter. Play cooperatively in split screen or, if you prefer, settle a discussion with the competitive mode

  1. SingStar Celebration:

Sing among yourselves with PlayLink’s SingStar. Play your favorite love songs or make a romantic duo! Check how much you support without criticizing the poor harmonic skills of your soulmate!

  1. Overcooked:

The couples who cook together stay together … said someone who, obviously, had never played Overcooked, a frantic, highly explosive kitchen arcade game. Answer questions such as: who cooks best? Who gets to wash the dishes? Who works best under pressure?

  1. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2:

A romantic dinner mixed with the latest work in the Marvel film universe? Now you can imagine that you are a couple of Marvel (and save the price of cosplay) thanks to the latest Lego adventure. And you can also create brick explosions with your partner to end those discussions of “who would win between …?”

  1. Nex Machina:

If your eyes met for the first time when you were putting yourself in the gym, continue with that training session in this dizzying battlefield. Can you coordinate perfectly and survive this frantic Housemarque shooter that is only controlled with two joysticks? Only suitable for fans of the action.