Top Local SEO Link Building Strategies You Need to Know

Over time, ways of determining the authenticity of sites ever since SEO was implemented have continued to change.  Various SEO techniques and algorithms have come and gone. One thing has however remained constant despite all these changes — link building. The value of links today is as valuable as they were in the past and you can hire internet marketing in Dubai expert to assist you.

Google is on record acknowledging that it uses three fundamental SEO factors to rank website and link building is one of them. There is a slight difference between the traditional link building and local link building. Here you will understand the process of link building for attracting local traffic.

The Difference Between Local Link Building and Traditional Link Building

Most SEO professionals with traditional link building approaches have preferred high authority. They will discourage you from staying away from a website with low domain authority. According to them, sites with low domain authority are likely to attract the Penguin penalty.

Such kind of advice is baseless if you approach the best local internet marketing in Dubai expert. Compared to high authority websites, low ones carry more substance. Besides, the only thing they do is employ the typical link building tactics. Therefore, the best way of dominating the search engine results is by adding several small local websites.

Acquiring A Local Link

The process of building a local link takes a totally opposite approach to that of building a traditional link. A local website link is likely to increase the relevance of your content locally. This makes the local link building the most preferred way of increasing the search engine ranking of your website.

The benefits that come with using the local link building doubles the benefits that come with reviews, citations or content. Another benefit of using local links is that it increases the traffic on your website. Through a well thought out local content approach, you will not have to approach other websites to get local links.

Strategies for Local Link Building

Through these strategies, you will learn why, how, and when is the best time to execute each technique.

Customer Searches

It is easy to type ‘location +’ at the search bar. For instance, when you are looking for a local search blog, enter ‘blogs’ just immediately after the plus sign. This formula will give you a list of potential blogs in your jurisdiction where you can easily create related content.

Take Part in Local Events

This is another excellent way of gaining local traction is by participating in local awards. Normally, organizations such as media companies take part in various kinds of awards for different niches. However, to participate in such awards, you have to sign up to them through the event organizer in advance.

The essence of such competition is not only to emerge as the winner. Just participating puts your website in a high chance of appearing in the top visibility list. For instance, ‘top 10 clothing lines in Chicago’, or ‘top 10 Berlin salons’.

Military or Alumni Discount

Look for a way of reaching out to the local university and offer attractive discounts to their alumni. On your website, add a page and give more information about the discount. Through this, you will be able to reach out to a number of alumni groups and probably you will be featured in some if not all their websites. Well, reaching out to the military groups can be more challenging, use the same formula to reach out.

Organize Local Meetings

We consider local meet-ups one of the best ways of getting local exposure. The first thing you do is the search for groups in your area that often hold regular meetings. However, ensure that the sessions are relevant to your services. A perfect example is getting touch with beauty bloggers looking for a place to hold their meetings. Offer discounts for such groups to hold their meetings in your restaurant. If each blogger of the attendees features you on their website, what more do you want!

Come Up with A Local Resource Page

The page should contain all the news or happenings in your local area. For instance, you can come up with a list of the best-smoked meat joints in your area. Or, come up with the best places to take your kids in town. This will make other sites link useful information.

Utilize the Existing Information

In your line of business, you must have created a huge following in your community. Identify friends who can help promote your website.

Utilize the Local Influencer

One way of doing this is by getting an interview with a local celebrity. Talk to people, ask them who they love and who they would want to hear from. If you don’t know any of them personally, use your network to get to them.

Local Directories

There is more you can do with your local directories than just citations. Use these directories as your primary source of local links. Additionally, don’t forget to add your link to the local directory.

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways of increasing traffic on your website is through local links. The high competition has seen Google come up with stricter rules. Try these strategies, and you will witness tremendous changes in your website.