Monitor WhatsApp Messenger Activities on Kids’ Android Phone


WhatsApp has been gaining tremendous popularity among teens thanks to its fun features and user-friendliness. The application offers a costless and instant way to communicate with the people across the world. It allows users to exchange text messages, voice messages, stickers, media files, and locations. Moreover, it allows updating statuses and making audio and video one-on-one and group calls.

Even though, many underage children are using this application to communicate with the peers. There are some risks attached with the use of instant messaging application which make it mandatory to monitor WhatsApp messenger activities of kids. This article discusses why and how parents can monitor WhatsApp activities of their kids to ensure their protection.

Menaces of WhatsApp Messenger

The instant messenger was developed to enable the users to communicate with the people across the world in costless, fastest and simplest way. However, the scoundrels have started taking the advantage of the communication app to access and trap adolescents.

There are pedophiles and child predators that use the app to share sexually explicit content with teens and tweens. Then come cat-fishers and scammers who exploit the young and immature users for sexual and monetary gain.

There is no age verification process or any other process to verify the information provided by the user. This is what facilitates scoundrels to trap children keeping their identities hidden. Moreover, the excessive and unmonitored use of instant messenger can make children victim of cyber bullying and sexual harassment.

Why to Monitor WhatsApp Messenger of Kids

In this digital age, parents are not just obligated to provide their kids with the latest technologies and gadgets. They are also responsible to protect their kids from the menaces of these technologies by monitoring their use. If you have provided a smartphone to your school goer, you are also required to make sure he uses that phone responsibly and safely. Similarly, if your kid uses any age-inappropriate app like WhatsApp, you need to monitor his activities to ensure he remains away from cyber bullies, harassers, pedophiles and sex offenders.

How to Monitor WhatsApp Messenger on Android

There are numerous tools that allow supervising the WhatsApp messenger and many other social media apps. TheOneSpy Android spy app is one the most effective tools for social media and instant messenger monitoring. It allows spying on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Viber, IMO, Skype, Tinder, Kik and many other popular social messengers.

Once you install the spy app on the Android mobile phone of your kid, you can monitor almost every activity performed on that cell phone. The spy app gets access to the target phone data which includes messages, contacts, call logs and media files.

Monitor WhatsApp Messages

The spy app also accesses the messages received and sent via WhatsApp messenger. It enables parents to read the WhatsApp conversations of their children without taking their mobile phones into custody. The spy app lets you monitor text messages, voice messages and messages containing stickers and emoticons. It also lets you spy on thread conversations, group chats and one-on-one chats of your kids.

Monitor WhatsApp Calls

The Android surveillance app allows tracking the voice calls of WhatsApp messenger. Hence, it provides parents with call logs of WhatsApp messenger containing detail of incoming and outgoing calls and contact numbers of the callers and recipients.

Monitor WhatsApp Media Files

WhatsApp allows users to exchange photos, videos and audios with their online buddies. Parents can detect what sort of media files their kids exchange online by getting access to the media transmitted and received by children.

On-Demand Screenshots of WhatsApp Activities

The high-tech whatsapp spy app for Android allows tracking every activity performed on WhatsApp messenger. You can send command via online control panel of the spyware app to capture screenshots of the targeted phone as your kid starts using the app. You can also schedule these screenshots to capture the WhatsApp activities of your kids in upcoming time.

Therefore, all this information and WhatsApp data enable parents to ensure their kids use the instant messenger in a secure and responsible way.