How Much Does a Moving Company Cost Now A Days

Shifting to a new home is not easy in any way. It consumes time, money and effective planning. Hiring a moving company can be pricey yet efficient in all the ways. All your tedious tasks become highly convenient. If you are really curious to know about the charges of a moving company read the blog below carefully.

We give you a rough estimate as per the American Moving and Storage Association. The detailing differs as per the luggage or weight to be shifted, distance to be travelled and no. of  persons required to accomplish the relocation process

Cost of Moving:


The cost of moving to a new place can be easily calculated by a Moving Cost Calculator. For eg: The cost of an average local move can be $2300 and that of a long distance move is $4300. The labour cost is charged on an hourly basis at the rate of $200 per hour. The factors that affect your moving cost are detailed as follows:

Travel fares:

Travel fares considerably increase when you travel long distance. The fuel cost is added as well as the labour charges due to prolonged travelling time.

The weight of the move:

Not only it is tedious to carry huge luggage with you but it is a loss to your pocket too. You have to pack a lot of stuff, increased time to shift the belongings and also an additional shipment cost. The weight of moving stuff is directly proportional to the cost of moving.

Storage services:

If your move is not smooth and there are certain complications attached to it then there is the requirement of storage of your luggage before the move, during the move and also after the move. Moving charges considerably vary from one company to another.

The higher the time period for acquiring storage services, higher is the cost. You also need to confirm the storage charges and conditions, as some companies charge on hourly basis too. Make sure to opt for the services precisely to make some savings.

Packaging Services:

If along with moving you also choose to acquire packing serviced it can be an additional cost for you. The packing rates are different from one company to another. Some charge on per room basis while others look forward to it on the basis of time consumed.

Additional Services:

Any of the services apart from the transportation of your goods will be an add-on to the expenses. It can be either the arranging of furniture at your new place, moving of special items that need extra care, other services offered by a moving company. For those specifically looking to relocate their bikes, motorcycle shipping companies offer specialized services to ensure safe and efficient transportation.

Liability charges:

You need to have permission for any kind of shifting. In certain cases, you will need to purchase the liability. You can prefer the different protection offered by Moving companies like basic release value protection and full protection. iMoving.com can help you know about liability and valuation coverage in detail.

Packaging Material:

If you pack your goods by your own in any random boxes or an ordinary wrap there is always an attached risk for breakage of goods. It’s good to opt for the standard moving supplies. Either you seek the packing services or not packaging material is always advised. But, undoubtedly it is an additional expense that counts to your cost of moving.

Final Words:

For every professional service, you seek you are added with certain bucks to spend. When you plan for moving there are various costs associated with it. You can take numerous steps and decide wisely to save while taking up help from professional movers.