5 New Helpful Instagram Features For Social Media Marketers

The impact of social media marketing is growing tremendously as days go by. This has made many entrepreneurs shift their attention to the social media platforms that have a better influence on their businesses. Instagram is one of the most performing social media applications in marketing for both new and existing products.

The growth of Instagram marketing has led to certain improvements in the application to make it easier and more business-friendly. If you wish to hire an agency for Instagram marketing you should consider buying Instagram likes from BuzzVoice. Here are some of the new Instagram features that you ought to check as a social media marketer.

Stories Feature

Stories feature is one of the most influential additional features on Instagram. This feature allows users to post photos and short video clips. They are however only visible for 24 hours beyond which they disappear. The story content normally appears as circles at the top of feeds.

The followers can both view and comment on the stories and therefore increasing engagement. The story feature is an instrumental feature that can help your business boom in a short while. This is made possible because you are allowed to post photos of your products as well as adding a caption!

As a social media marketer, you should really utilize this feature to expand your business. The clips and photos that you post should, however, be of good quality, consistent theme, and tone for a professional impression.

Multiple Photos and Videos

Instagram has allowed users to include multiple photos and clips in one post. This has become useful when a user wants to post more than one photo/clip for the same occasion or to create an album-like impression. This feature can be well utilized by social media marketers to post their products, showing them in different dimensions, angles, and positions.

This feature is not only useful to the Instagram marketer but also to the customer. The customer needs to have a look at the product from different angles before making a purchase decision. To make a professional look, the photos/clips should be taken with high-quality cameras to avoid pixelation when they are posted. They should also have a consistent color tone and theme to make your feed look pleasing to your followers.

Live video

This should not be mistaken with the normal video posts on Instagram. As the name depicts, the video is live. The video will start as soon as you go live and end as soon as you end it. It is however not saved in your account. Your followers will get a push notification that you are about to go live.

This feature allows your followers to like or comment on your live stream in real-time! You can get instant feedback about your video and this is very helpful to social media marketers. For social media marketing, the live video can be used while launching a new product or while receiving an award for the business. The live video can also be used to explain issues about a product that can only be explained through a video broadcast!

Multiple accounts

This is a recent addition feature on Instagram that allows the user to add multiple accounts without having to log out. The user can easily switch between different accounts without necessarily having to log in or log out. The credentials for different accounts can be saved for easy and faster access to the accounts.

This feature is useful for Instagram marketing especially where the Instagram marketer needs to post the same posts but for different accounts having different followers. This increases the audiences and consequently the number of potential customers.

Multiple accounts can be used as a means of acquiring more followers on Instagram. You can visit Social Grand for more tips on increasing your Instagram followers. The current Instagram, however, supports only 5 accounts.


The primary goal of social media marketing is locating potential customers. Sometimes, however, locating the customers is somehow difficult and therefore enabling the customers to locate the seller is a better option. In most cases, centralizing your operations makes it easier for the customers/clients to easily locate you.

Instagram recently added a geo-tagging feature that enables the user to tag the exact location he/she is. This is important for a social media marketer since he/she can be able to notify the customers where to be found at certain times. This has made it easier for brick-and-mortar businesses to increase sales. The seller can tag the location of the shop or simply where to find the product!

Final Words

The current features on Instagram are essential and beneficial if optimally utilized by social media marketers to promote their brands. The features may not be 100% of what you would wish for but will certainly improve your brand marketing. Furthermore, as new opportunities emerge, the need to improve the Instagram app is realized.

In the near future, the Instagram app will certainly add more features to cater for any new developments in marketing trends and other social media activities. Utilizing such improvements will take Instagram marketing to a whole new level!