5 Graphic Design Tools to Grow Your Business on Social Media

smm graphics design toolsContent generation is at the core of every marketing strategy on social media. You need to create compelling content regularly to make your audience keep following your account.

By recent advances in technology, the appetite of social users, especially youngsters, is constantly changing such that they consider all normal content to be boring. According to Social Tradia, even famous influencers on Instagram will lose their followers in case they cannot create high-quality pictures. So, you have to enhance the quality of your posts as much as possible.

Source: 500px.com

In this article, we are going to introduce several useful graphics design tools to use in your content marketing.

1. Canva

canvaCanva has more than 10 million users around the world and provides them with countless templates and visual assets.

It has a user-friend interface that works simply by a drag-and-drop process. However, if you have a stomach for design, you can create some higher-quality graphics with a little effort. You can easily convert a basic template into your own design without a lot of attempts.

The important aspect of Canva is that it provides you with default sizes for various platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. This would be of great use for marketers to save time. Apart from that, you can also work with custom sizes for blogs. And all of this will cost you $9.95 per month.

2. Piktochart

Piktochart is specifically for designing infographics, and it can drastically reduce the required time and cost. You will start with basic templates, then you can insert your own data and images and customize the result.

Just like Canva, it provides an entry-level version for free. If you are a professional, the range of templates is extended in the premium version from 15 to 29 dollars per month.

3. iStock Editor

One of the most sought after approaches among content creators is to find free images. Of course, this will not work always, especially for social campaigns since free images will be used by many other users on social media.

There are many premium platforms from which you can choose unique images. iStock is one of the best platforms that with the help of iStock Editor you can turn its images into compelling social graphics effortlessly.

The tool includes default sizes for different social networks, and you can see the preview of your chosen images before the final decision. Also, you can choose many available filters to edit the images without using Photoshop.

4. Snappa

With Snappa you can create and polish high-quality images as soon as possible. It has plenty of templates in its library with various pre-set crop sizes, but you can also upload your own image.

It has a lot of filters you can use to polish your image and overlay any text with a range of options such as font, size, alignment, spacing, and opacity. You can create only 5 images per month as a free member. But with $10 per month, you can register as a premium member.

5. Infogram

With Infogram, you can make info-graphics more straightforward than any other tool. It has more than 35 different templates of charts and maps by which you can present your data in a format that is ideal for sharing on social media.

Just like previous tools, the free version of the tool only gives you an entry-level selection of templates. That would be sufficient for occasional use, however, if you are a professional marketer, the paid version is recommended for you.

The premium version will cost you from 19$ to 67$ per month.