5 Reasons Why Online Learning Is Slowly Becoming the Norm

Online Learning

As the internet becomes more and more entangled with our everyday lives, it seems like no area of life has been left untouched by technology’s digital fingers, and this is especially true in the worldwide sector of education.

More and more people are turning away from traditional classroom learning environments and are, instead, turning to online classrooms in the form of online courses, webinars, and e-learning packages. However, many are wondering why this is the case.

Today, we’re going to explore five of the most important reasons as to why online learning is taking over, and why typical classroom learning is taking a backseat.

#1 – Better Learning Opportunities

Straight off the bat, it seems clear that students learning through online courses are learning so much more than they are in classroom environments. This is because online courses have a much more interacting advantage where more students can take in more information easily.

What’s more, online courses are capable of giving students more control over their learning. If they missed something, they can simply go back, rewind and do it again, whereas this is much more difficult in a classroom environment.

#2 – Not Such a Time Commitment

When you apply for a physical school or university, one of the biggest problems’ students have is facing time. If they need to work, they can’t attend a full 8-hour learning day, nor a day that’s broken up into silly learning chunks of an hour or so and no time to fill in the gaps.

Online, students are able to work when they want, wherever they want, meaning they can plan and organize life around what they do.

#3 – Students Stay for Longer

A study from the Research Institute of America found that the retention rate of an online course is around 25-60% higher than that of a physical course. This is a huge jump in the number of people staying on to complete their courses in their entirety.

This is a great reason for seeing why online courses are becoming more popular, simply because people are using them for longer and are actually setting out to complete what they started, rather than getting bored and bailing halfway through

#4 – Fewer Distractions, More Progress

When you’re working through an online course, the chances are you’ll be able to get marked on your content as you go, and the course is more of an ongoing process, rather than having to stop and start several times a week.

This is far less distracting than typical learning and will help students to stay engaged with their work and want to continue and learn more. It’s so easy to learn IT skills from the comfort of your home, and all other subjects, and it’s hard to see the benefits until you try it for yourself.

#5 – Better for the World

Imagine how many students there are in the world, both children and adults, and how many of them need to travel in their place of education. Consider it on a worldwide scale. Now imagine how much better off the planet would be if people didn’t have to travel so much because they could learn at home.

Of course, this isn’t always possible, but as the world changes and looks for greener solutions.


These are just some of the reasons why e-Learning is becoming so popular around the world. And is becoming widely used by people of all generations. E-Learning platforms are still in their growing stages. So watch this space as they’ll continue to grow over the coming years.